By nocanhaz - United States
Today, I went to a job interview. The person giving me my interview was late, and while waiting for them I fell asleep. When they arrived, they didn't even bother interviewing me because they thought I was irresponsible since I fell asleep because they were late. FML
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You deserve it. It's unlikely that they were more than an hour late, and even if they were, that's no excuse to fall asleep. Didn't you get enough sleep the night before? You must've known you were being interviewed. Do you tire easily? Do you slack off when there's nothing to do? They aren't the sort of qualities an employer is looking for...

  skroal  |  7

YDI for going to a job interview. The person giving you your interview was late, and while waiting for them you fell asleep. When they arrived, they didn't even bother interviewing you because they thought you were irresponsible since you fell asleep because they were late.

  Reyo  |  2

It's both your faults, the guy for being late, and then acting like a hypocrit pulling that "irresponsibility" bullcrap, and you for falling asleep. I mean seriously, the second I started dozing off, I'd stand up, tell the secratary "Hey I'm getting a coffee, I'll be back in 5 minutes" and then get a coffee.

  Emrysa  |  1

It's 100% your fault. For all you know, your interviewer may have been late for a legitimate reason, something
work related that was more important or an emergency, they've already been hired, they don't need
to justify themselves to you, just their boss. You on the other hand don't look like a good candidate for a job
if you can't stay awake for an hour straight. What would you do if left unsupervised at work? Get bored and fall asleep?
Next time bring something to entertain yourself so if there's a delay you can read or listen to music, prove that you
can be responsible instead of just passing out.

  Thunderbender  |  2

Why would fall asleep at an interview?

But its ironic that they were the interviewer called you irresponisble when THEY were the one that was late.

Its both your fault really.


you don't even know what the job was for ... the interviewer could have been an important person or been late in a client meeting ... it doesn't matter that the interviewer was late

furthermore it could have been a test to see what the candidate does in that situation... this is 100 % op's fault

  papernapkin  |  0

Unfortunately, you don't get to dictate what the interviewer should have done.

My boss is unfair and disorganized and all of that jazz, but it's still my job to pull everything together.

You do what you have to do to get the job; you DON'T get to complain about what the boss/interviewer does... Unless it is horrible and they spit on you or something, I suppose.

  owneditup  |  0

80 thats summassive bs, if my boss/interviewer is unorganized and crappy at wat they do ans its making my job more difficult i have every right to complain (unless im like the organizer or sumthing) and also although there r FEW exeptions if i say im going to interview u at a certain time and im late im late for work and whoever im interviewing should NOT have to suffer dor my shortcomings, thats fucking ridiculous

  Dolfyutt  |  3

Draken? Sounds like someone off of Mortal Combat... If you were shooting for dranken, you are still wrong. It is, in fact, drank. You fail. Go home and eat some Hot Pockets.

  FFML_314  |  11

Whether they were late or not, falling asleep while waiting for an interview is not professional. Granted it's not professional to be late to do an interview, but things happen. There are a lot of reason to be late and as they employer, they have a right to choose not to hire someone.

  Nolwen_fml  |  0

Your fault. Remember that you need the job more than they need you. I'm sure they'll find someone else. And yes falling asleep while waiting for your future boss to arrive is a fucking stupid thing to do.