By wasteoftime
Today, I went to a job interview. I never applied for the job, they'd sought me out, had a phone interview, and sent samples, all before the face-to-face interview. Turns out none of the people I met with had even read my resume or writing samples. I was told I might not be a good fit. FML
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By  AKchic  |  7

"You're right, this isn't a good fit. When a company seeks me out and asks me to interview, I expect them to not only have read the resume and writing samples they request of me, but I expect them to know who they are interviewing. I'm sorry you wasted my time and energy. I would expect an apology from you, but seeing as how you can't be bothered to remember that YOU asked ME here, I doubt that you would be hung up on manners either.
Do not keep my name for any further consideration. Thank you for wasting my time."

OP here- thanks for the support. Honestly I was having a huge pity party when I submitted this. I was pretty honest about my experience and qualifications so I was pretty angry that I had spent 2 days preparing for the interview and they hadn't bothered to even look at my resume and writing samples the person I talked to on the phone requested. But oh well. I just interviewed (face-to-face) with a small. company that did read my resume and has better benefits. So, hopefully that will work out instead!