By ashley_skillz06 - 24/01/2010 05:21 - France

Today, I went to a Japanese restaurant. While the chef is throwing food at us, I'm getting ready for my turn. He tosses the piece of broccoli at me, I lean back to catch it, completely falling off my chair. I knocked everything over and had the packed restaurant laughing at me. FML
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The chef was throwing food at you?? Holy shit! I want to go there!

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uhh, why does he throw food?


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uhh, why does he throw food?

They do that at Benihana (however u spell it)

pwnd by broccoli :)

It's what the Japanese restaurants do usually, they have the chefs cook and do tricks in front of you.

They were at a Teppenyaki restaurant.

The chef was throwing food at you?? Holy shit! I want to go there!

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 yeah that is totally cool what resturant is that?

I've been to one like this;

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I <3 the UK :P wish I lived there!

15, I live an hour away from you :) Doncaster.

Doncaster FTW :)

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Aw. :(

i'm not sure but i think in Japanese restaurants, the chef cooks right at your table. but YDI for liking brocoli that much anyway

No, that's not Japanese. That style of restaurant was invented in the US.

For posts #1-4, I think that she was at a Hibachi restaurant like Benihana, where the chef cooks on an open stove, right in front of the diners. He or she does things like juggle knives and throw food for the diners to catch, for entertainment. I can see getting caught up so much in it that this happened. Funny, but not a FML. :)

I'm insulted by your implication of my lack of knowledge! I didn't say I was unaware of what that type of restaurant was, I just said I wanted to go there! ...But I didn't know what it was. So... hey, thanks!

I do it out of love, twoknives. Anybody named twoknives needs many more knives, combined with lots of flames. Actually, everybody needs more knives and more flames. It makes the world a happier place.

you should have thrown his crappy food right back in his face... and then got back up and thrown your chair at him too.

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I did that before, BUT NO ONE GAVE A SHIT!!!!!

Why would you want to go to a restaurant where the chef throws food at you? That could just be my terrible hand/eye coordination talking.

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You've should've of just laughed with them. I know I would of been laughing my head off.