By passedoutpolly - 01/08/2009 02:35 - United States

Today, I went to a huge rock concert. While waiting in a half a mile long line to get in, I passed out due to the heat. I regained consciousness to hear about a hundred people yelling and trying to help me. My boyfriend, who I went with, was not one of them. FML
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He obviously doesn't care bout you then. haha or he was lookin for professional help

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Dont marry the guy.


hahahahahha sucks to be you you should probly dump him though

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At first I thought this said "I went to a huge cock..."

YDI for going to concerts and feeding money to rich ass mothers fuckers , just turn up the music in ur house and there, you got a concert, btw, dont forget to download the music off of limewire or some other program you dont pay for

Not all bands that hold concerts have big labels. FYL, OP. Your boyfriend's a bit of a douche... since, obviously, you wouldn't post this if he was just getting help or something. At least I would hope you're not... that exaggeration is throwing me.

maybe you couldn't see him?

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what concert?

So leave him. Problem solved.


He obviously doesn't care bout you then. haha or he was lookin for professional help

Being completely impartial to both of you, I can testify that you both look stupid. :)

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Dont marry the guy.

Nobody ever said anything about getting married.

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was this in kelowna?

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YDI for being weak shit

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YDI for knowing about this website.

wat an ass..! btw which band did u go to see? just curious... lol

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sucks for you

Blink 182?

I am in the midst of selling my Blink 182 tickets. One of my friends screwed me out of the concert, but it's just mean and not funny enough to qualify for an FML.

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Haha..I'm selling Blink-182 tickets too ): But I'm still going, I just have extra ones.

I fell in love with the girl at the rock show. She said "what?" and I told her that I didn't know. She's not cool, she's having a heatstroke. I'm happy and ashamed of myself for this comment.