By iliveformystery - 31/10/2014 15:56 - United States - Oshkosh

Today, I went to a Halloween party dressed as a pirate. Someone complimented me on how convincing the fake teeth were that I had on for my costume. I wasn't wearing fake teeth. FML
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Yarrr, there be no dental plan in a pirates life. Ya lilly livered scum.

Time to start brushing?


Yarrr, there be no dental plan in a pirates life. Ya lilly livered scum.

Dat scurvy doe

doe...a female deer? is that what you mean? im really thinking theres a literacy problem. sorry, but that girls running her mouth about rednecks in the comments below.

33 - just shut up no one cares..

Time to start brushing?

Sounds like it's a bit late for that.

Time to visit a dentist.

OP I heard there's this new invention called toothpaste!

Ahhh I know how that feels. Sorry to hear OP!

Do you... Do you really??

I've had really bad teeth for a while so I've gotten many comments about it. I haven't had someone compliment my 'fake teeth' though, but I've gotten many rude comments in the past.

hygiene is good 364 days of the year apparently

Get fake teeth. Wear them 364 days a year.

Hey, you played the part well...

Go with it and tell nobody.

Maybe your insurance policy covers dental work?

Just go along with it, for now! It sucks, yes, but at least they think it's part of the costume?