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  Monikabug  |  9

When the OP said a family funeral, I believe they meant a funeral for a member of their family, not a funeral for their entire family.
Just gonna throw that out there.


your stupid don't yu mean; if you don't want to be called fat, you shouldn't be posting things about how you gained weight.

Of course there's gonna be people out there that's gonna call you fat.
retard. =

  Rustbin  |  0

While we're at it, 'gonna' is not a word, pendatic. Seriously, stop with correcting those tiny mistakes people make. Not everyone is an English native, you know. Let's see you talk spanish fluently (no this isn't a challenge, you get my point.)

And if you do feel the need to correct someone that badly, please do it in a friendly manner. Otherwise it just screams of 'lol u r stupid i r better then u bcuz i talk english n u make mistakes lol'

  Rustbin  |  0

It did give me good base to start didn't it? Although what you say doesn't really make sense. If you saw someone correcting someone else on a mistake in a demeaning way, and you see that person making a similar mistake, ofcourse you're going to use it against him, common logic.

And I don't know, maybe we should just try to give them a break and try to respond in nicer ways to people like that? Who wasn't an internet tough gay when he was around 12, right? I mean, I'm all for correcting spelling or grammar mistakes on some occasions. Just please don't try to be demeaning or witty about it and don't focus you're entire post on it. I think that's what pisses most people off. I don't think people are exactly willing to learn if they're corrected by someone annoying, right? :P
Oh and this isn't necessarily aimed at you, but can you please stop correcting ur and u, people KNOW it's you're and you, they're just too lazy to type the extra two letters, let them be.

  thesunshotme  |  0

It doesn't even mean that you're actually fat. I get that all the time (and I'm not even close to being fat). For some reason family members can't see how that kind of statement can be offensive... in fact, some of them even think it's a compliment.

This wasn't a reply!!! Argh FML comment limbo strikes again

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Rustbin, I know what you mean about the hypercritical people who apparently lurk with no other object but to insult and demean others. I've been tempted to be one when I see a flagrantly terrible comment.

Pendatic isn't one of those people though. I really don't feel I can defend him any better than he's explained himself but I just wanted to confirm his statement. I've only seen him critique those who lash out at others.

By  ThankYhuCaptinOb  |  0

This is an FML how ? It's not your grampa's fault that he was being honest and said that you gained weight. Maybe you are or maybe you was skinny before and now he thinks you look fuller ?

By  maskedman  |  9

Maybe your grandfather likes all the attention the guy in the casket is getting.

He's just trying to get closer to his own funeral, by insulting people.

  perdix  |  29

Thanks, pendatic. I resisted the temptation to start with, "You should have said. . ." and decided to go minimalist. It seems to have worked! ;)