By stinkypants - India
Today, I went to a dinner party. I had a bad stomach, so I made a dash to the bathroom and forgot to lock the door. While I was in, I heard some voices outside. In a panic, my reflex was to get up and lock the door. I did so, while simultaneously shitting all over myself. FML
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  theten_fml  |  9

This might sound a bit crazy but it kinda seems to me like he was in a rush. When you're in rush, at times you don't think things through. Btw I think the word was "terrorism" haha!

  jedielf  |  23

Depends. If you're using the bathroom at someone's house, you don't need to lock the door - door closed = occupied, or at least don't go in there for a while. But if you're using a bathroom where it has one of those "occupied/vacant" signs on the locks... which is why I didn't vote for a FYL or a YDI on this one, because maybe he didn't need to lock the door. He never said whether he was in someone's house or in a restaurant.