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I wonder it he's the kind that prefers little boys...?

He's probably been single for too long..


I wonder it he's the kind that prefers little boys...?

"Women were accidental god wants me to touch alter boys." Smh some people are sick

this is why i never liked the idea of church

He's probably been single for too long..

I wonder why....

Well, he's a priest, so...

Why didn't the bride or groom smack him?

Unless its the priest from That's My Boy...

If he doesn't stop soon an army of feminists will show up.

What's wrong with that?

He never actually said there was something wrong with that

I'm not a feminist myself, but he probably does need an army of them to put him into his rightful place.

What's wrong with it? Instead of telling him that men and women are equal, they'll start shouting that its the opposite, that men are freaks of nature.

Says the dude who clearly understands nothing of feminism. God.

Wow. As a guy, I believe women are superior to men

Amen, #6. Experience has told me the same.

No one should be viewed as superior or inferior to anyone else just because of gender or race or whatever else. It is equality for all people.

Someone had a problem with women. Hope she has a good wedding otherwise!

Perhaps this problem led to him becoming a priest?

Seriously? what kind of bible does this preacher read from?

Your picture makes your comment so much better.

In genesis, women are said to be slaves to men. Women are also told that they are supposed to obey their husbands. Maybe that's why the priest thinks what he thinks.

The same one most church people don't read

Don't worry OP. The best discoveries are made by trial and error.

Well... Someone clearly had one too many.

What kind if bible dose he read

The one with overtly misogynistic themes written by men "inspired" by god.