By sayno - 12/11/2010 11:06 - Switzerland

Today, I went to a coffee shop to meet an online date. I couldn't spot him, so he eventually came up and introduced himself. It seems his on-line picture must have been taken before I was born. I spluttered "This isn't going to work," and promptly scuttled out. FML
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Nice use of the word scuttled.

You could have least gotten an actual free coffee out of him, instead of stealing your coworker's.


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Ali_Br_fml 33

he lied about his age, & is probably an old guy. I'm no teen, but I don't date guys that much older than me, or a second younger than I am. I'm picky, & if the guy is too old, I feel weird. so yeah, I feel bad for the date, but sdi for online dating. It's still dangerous.

u can relate, huh?

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That's funny bro

16, I met my husband online. Just saying...

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Everything fun is dangerous. If you're scared of online dating, I would never hang out with your boring ass. You would probably be to scared to do anything, much less adrenaline pumping stuff.

25 WIN hahhahahaha

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there was a college student in my town,18 years old,met a guy on line FOR COFFEE, now guess what!....his body is in a fucking landfill with TRASH and his on line DATE admitted to screwing his dead body after he killed him, then putting the kids body in the fucking trash! come on now! dangerous,yes, fun, NO!!!

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NOT everything fun is dangerous! I'm as crazy and down for whatever but I'm also not putting myself in a fucked up situation. I still sky dive. snowboard.... safe always =boring!

Funzcpl, a neighbour was raped by the postman. Does that make receiving parcels a dangerous activity to be avoided? I'm not saying there aren't dangers involved in online dating or any dating but that doesn't mean it is to be completely avoided. Be cautious.

I knew this college guy who went on an online date, the girl he met was completely normal, however he wasn't attracted to her and nothing happened. NOTHING! They parted ways and never saw each other again. I hear today they are both continuing their lives.

You sky dive, but would never meet me for coffee...that's nuts!! BTW I fly a powered parachute (much safer than sky diving!) Woo Hoo!

Ali_Br_fml 33

I wouldn't like to hang out with a cat anyway. I prefer human company. & I may bore you, but I have my own ways of having fun. I like skateboarding, if I had the money, I'd skydive. I already meet hot guys at my college, who I see everyday, so I don't think meeting someone online would be safe or for me, but others have nice stories, like meeting a husband. I'd prefer not to put myself in that situation just in case I meet a murderer. I know I could meet one anywhere. I'm me though, & you're you. Mais c'est la vie, et que sera sera. I could get hit by a car tomorrow a die, then again, I may not. life is a gamble, and the only thing we are really promised in life is Death. From the moment you take your first breath, you're guaranteed death... that's all. So I take calculated risks, but only if the outcome is guaranteed to be fun. Why does this guy I meet online need to be online to meet girls? Why can't he meet them in person? What's wrong with him? Personality? Body? Murderer? ...or he may be perfect. I'm still young. I have my whole life ahead of me, and if I die tomorrow, well I'm dead. if not, I'll live another day. I don't née to go searching for someone to settle down with online. I haven't even exhausted my supply of eye-candy here! NYC is a big city. So I'm not an online dater. I guess that means I'm not fun. To each his own. But I sure as hell am not dating someone 10 years older than I am. my limit is probably 5 years... I don't wanna end up with an old wrinkly _____ man. 0;-)

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#151 You don't necessarily need to be desperate to have found a date online. :P Being on an online dating site doesn't mean that you can't leave your options open for finding a guy in other ways as well.

I'd hate to break it to you, 151, but you'll most likely end up with a wrinkly old man.

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I met my boyfriend on Myspace 3 yrs ago. were still together and I haven't used Myspace in 2 yrs

Ali_Br_fml 33

154, I said or perfect Eww 159, I hope not... I mean I won't when I'm my age, but when I'm old & wrinkly, my man will be too. So of course I'll end up with a wrinkly man. ;-)

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Spluttered... scuttled... NICE 

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#25, you win.

that is the best comment i have ever seen

@ 100: That's absolutely horrible, there's no way around that, but the same thing can happen meeting someone in a bar, in line at the grocery store, or in some cases, when you make eye contact with the wrong person, even with no intentions of dating them. Internet dating is not the problem, these fucked up people that are out there these days that are getting scarier and scarier by the decade are the problem, and unfortunately, there's countless ways to meet them.

The problem is that when you're online, you truly don't know who is behind the screen. Sure, you can argue that you don't even know a person you meet personally; but at least I can have the security to see the body language of a person. Online dating is a gamble for me; it may work out or no. It's just not something for me. I don't need to worry though, I'm done with dating; I already have someone.

I think one of the main reasons online dating is at least ten times more dangerous than receiving parcels in the mail is that people often disguise their identity purposely in order to make kidnapping/various other illegal activities that result in someone's bodily or psychological harm easier. Anyway, my point is that some people use online dating sites with the intent of horrible crimes, and as a result it is something to be wary of when online dating. I don't know about you, but I don't think being a mailman is really something people do with that purpose in mind.

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*You should have given...

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People who speak English care. Fyl OP!

Nice use of the word scuttled.

I agree. I haven't heard (or seen) that word for ages. It's a fun word. scuttling sounds fun. From now on, instead of walking, I'm going to scuttle everywhere lol...*scuttles away smiling*

21 that made me laugh for some reason. I just think I'm in a laughing slump right now. and just so I don't get moderated; I Like the word scuttled too but whenever someone says it I think of a little terrified mouse running away from something haha I don't know why.

Ali_Br_fml 33

Lolz When I hear the word scuttle i picture an old person with a walker... Like that old man op met... :-)

iSitt 0

Scuttle means to cut a hole in your boat so that it sinks. Do you folks mean "scurry"? I understand that vocabulary naturally drifts. But if we don't keep at least art mustard coal flying however they're click rutabaga door knob.

I always picture that crab in The Little Mermaid. Isn't his name Scuttle?

boatkicker 4

No it's Sebastian.... but I always picture him when I hear the word "scuttle" too.

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gusgus36 5

so if OP is, say, 25... then the date was at LEAST 50 by her estimation. yeah sure, age is just a number etc, but that only goes so far. it doesn't make her stuck up to not give him a chance based on the fact that he lied big-time on his profile and that he is old enough to be her father. I think as far as age difference goes, if the older one is old enough to be the younger one's parent, then that's too much age difference. but hey, whatever floats your boat

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Old people are gross.

#30, You do realize one day you'll grow old right?

MsBieber, you spelled "ppl" and "r" wrong. :)

cradle6 13

Well not everyone will grow old. some people will just die young :)

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They are weird creepers if they lie about their age online just to get with a younger chick.

sourgirl101 28

Some one once told me a formula to dating ages differences. You take your age, divide it in half and add 7. That's what your dating range should be. (Have fun doing the math in your heads.)

mintcar 9

Hey Doc, I'm sitting in Organic Chem right now and I wish I knew what was going on. And also, old people are gross.

sourgirl, by that reasoning I can look at 2 year old babies. I feel like pedobear haha. realistically, I think your age divided by four gives a good range.

xthetisx 0

If you went to a coffee shop and expected to meet Brad Pitt but you got McLovin wouldn't you be startled?

sourgirl101 28

What math are you doing? ex: 20 years old 20 divide in half is 10 plus 7 is (17 ages old.)

sourgirl101 28

Oops I fucked up 17 "years old." 50 years old 1/2 is 25+ 7=32

Hahah you said that's what your dating 'range' should be. So I thought it meant I could go 17 years older or younger. Haha my bad :)

sourgirl101 28

Yes you silly goose, AFTER you do the math first.(:

gusgus36 5

marinus that's what I thought she meant too lol...

aliceharper 0

ha that, an 80 year old's range would start at 47 haha

If you can look at a 2 year old, that would make you -10 years old. Are you a time traveller?

TaylorTotsYumm 10

I am.

I do think OP was a little superficial. It wouldn't have hurt to have a coffee with the man. I realise she is probably exaggerating about the age of his picture since you can usually tell if a picture is more than 18 years old. I wonder if he actually came out and lied about his age or if OP made assumptions. If he was a few years older than she imagined but they had great conversations and chemistry over email and the phone, he deserved a chance to talk face to face.

right. because using a decades old photo to score a date with someone young enough to be your daughter isn't creepy at all.

shut the fuck up...

I see your points, Doc and IF, but I would have a hard time in this OP's shoes too. It wouldn't be the age issue or some "creepiness" factor, either; I'd be bothered that he let the relationship continue under false pretenses. He should have told her he was older than she thought before the Meet In Person stage, especially because the lie/misdirection would be so readily apparent. ("Does he think I'm an idiot?!" would undoubtedly spring to mind.) Sure, everyone withholds certain things while dating. I'd imagine, though, that when dating online, it's doubly-important to be as honest as possible, if only to compensate for the stereotype. Letting her find out the truth in this way seems underhanded and cowardly. That would be much more difficult for me to overcome than an unusual age difference.

My sister is engaged to a man 18 years older than her, that's right, he changed her nappies. Gross Level: Old People < Poo-filled Nappies. My work here is done... BAM and the nerd is gone!

hahahaha sourgirl i divided by 7 so i was like ERRRMMMM wierdoo :P

57 ur face is gross. just saying ;)

He could be her dad.

dlindemann 3

Take a joke and read the original comment.

Docbastard is a douche bag.

Docbastard shut up you asshole.

Fuck u docFAGGOT

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Well, damn, he could've been the best man you've ever met. Now you'll never know.

if he was the best man she ever know...she wouldent of met him online....

Sinkhole 26

I disagree with you Twistedsoul, you can meet a lot of great people online, just like in real life. I met online the most wonderful man in my life, and that doesn't mean that I don't know many people in real life, you just never know who you might meet if you don't give people a chance.

she said best man she ever knew so but like most of all the good guys arnt online there is a few I know but there are better ones in person but there all taken

he's also lying about his age to get younger women to go out with him, so he's probably not the best man in the world..

ya that's another point thanks cuz "the best man" wouldebtblie bout his age... I say he is a PEDOMAN! lol

dudeitsdanny 9

So... Us good guys don't have internet access or something? If I use the internet, I get points taken off? You're an idiot. You can meet the same quality of people online than off. I know an incredibly attractive girl in law school who uses dating sites cause she doesn't have enough time for clubs. I think I'm a pretty good guy. My girlfriend thinks I'm perfect, the crazy girl. I use the internet. I met my girlfriend online, actually. Not on a dating site, but still online. She's everything I want in a girl down to the very last thing and much more. But you're right. Quality people don't use the internet.

Ahem.... Twistedsoul....You use the Internet. I assume that that fact coupled with your username should scare the future generations.

There is always the "Greater Internet D***wad Theory" Normal Person + Anonymity + Audience = Total Jerk It depends on the site (some offer more anonymity than others) and the person, though.

arrrrg I was saying Internet daters not users!!!!!

#168 I met my boyfriend on an online dating site and he's quite a good person. What do you know?

that he couldent get anyone in person so he had to revert to the Internet

#170 That is entirely not true. Both my boyfriend and I are attractive, smart, and perfectly worthwhile people. If I weren't so polite, I'd tell you to forcefully insert something into your rectum, but I'll try to restrain myself.

never said ither of u are ugly or anything some people are just to shy to talk to people in person...cuz there's a guy I like but I'm way to shy to even say a small hi and people have more courage over texting or Internet

#172 Oh, okay! In that case, I totally apologize! I'm extremely shy, so that's definitely why I tentatively entered the online dating world. Good luck talking to the guy you like! I know that it's generally tough to talk to a crush when you're shy.

thanks but I will never have any luck cuz he's straight= but meh that's life right? lol

stormzaii 0

alot of people are "straight" :)

wow I also feel bad for him you dick

A dick? Well I think she's a pussy.

iamchuck 0

At least Chris Hanson didn't show up.

gusgus36 5


You could have least gotten an actual free coffee out of him, instead of stealing your coworker's.

UnicornsDoExist 0

^ This.

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Did you combine two fmls on purpose?

Well... when you meet somebody online, there's no guarantee that the picture you've seen of them is actually what they look like. So, in a way YDI. And you should have given the guy a chance. Or at least stayed for the date then gently break it to him that it wasn't going to work. Either way, what you did was stuck up so YDI and Fuck HIS Life.

ninjanate 0

I put my real pic on a site

ydi for thinking she should give him a chance... if it was some kind of blind date, perhaps, but she obviously had already talked with this guy and the first face-to-face impression he put forward was revealing his blatant lie and/or creepy deception - there's his "chance", and he blew it.

moviegirl6 5

FYL indeed He must've been pretty old that you freaked out like that. What would've made me mad is the fact that he was lying to you that whole time online. I mean come it wouldn't make a difference to you whether he was 25 or 65?

funzcpl 0

that's what I think! why feel bad for anyone who practices false advertisement. so what if he got his feeling hurt.