By notgoth - 27/07/2014 22:17 - Netherlands - Rijen

Today, I went to a bar with my best friend, and some guys came up to us and started flirting with her and offering her a drink. I felt a bit left out and started joking that "I'm thirsty too". One guy looked at me, cringed and said, "No, I don't buy drinks for weird girls." FML
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I guess you could say the thirst was real.

And what do we call women who think they can sponge off of men who have no interest in them what so ever? Pigs would be if they expected to have sex because they bought a drink. Men who have preferences and standards are far from pigs.


I guess you could say the thirst was real.

Lamborghini mercy, that chick is so thirsty...

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These pretzels are making me thirsty!...

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I think Goths would find the title of this FML offensive. No one is weird, they're different...

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And what do we call women who think they can sponge off of men who have no interest in them what so ever? Pigs would be if they expected to have sex because they bought a drink. Men who have preferences and standards are far from pigs.

15 -- There's a difference between having personal standards and spitting something at someone that you'd expect to hear from an eighth-grade bully. These men didn't have to cater to someone they weren't interested in, but they certainly could've rejected her without being blunt and rude about it.

Yeah, I definitely wasn't defending OP's behaviour, merely commenting on the guy's douchey response.

This dude isn't a pig because he isn't interested in her; though he could have been less rude about it. Rejection is never a nice experience, but somebody being harsh like that can be very hurtful.

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are we into 'behavioural science' over here!


I don't see why you need to cough out the word feminist. And although I am a feminist, nothing about what I said above has anything to do with being a feminist. It's about equality, not commenting on douchebag behaviour.

Interested in her or not, it's so far beyond rude for a group of guys to approach 2 girls and flirt with one and completely blank the other. You don't have to be attracted to someone to show some common decency. If you're gonna offer drinks you offer them to both girls, not just the one you want to fuck. I hope her friend said something to the guys or she isn't much of a friend.

23 - why do people spout the word bully with people who just aren't showing a filter when they respond? A bully is someone who picks another person out and targets and harasses them with no trigger to make themselves feel better. A bully is not someone who responds to a question.

Any guy I know would've bought her a drink just to be polite. It's just being a decent human being.

And any woman I know would have just bought her own drinks. It's even more polite and respectful.

"What he said is something you'd expect to hear from an eighth-grade bully" isn't saying this man was a bully, 77. It's that what he said in this FML was something one would say because it's so unapologetically mean.

As opposed to women cruising for free drinks in bars, that's totally not piggish.

No, she was being rude, and deserved the response she got. In effect, she demanded attention and a free drink from people who weren't offering it. They rebuffed her directly. Go up to random people and ask for gifts. See how far you get.

Nonetheless he was rude. He doesn't have to show interest in her or buy her a drink but he doesn't have to be a dick about it either.

Men are assholes that love to put down women.

he's not a pig, he's just a dick

I'm sorry some people can be so rude. If anything, he was probably the weird one.

What really makes this for me is that you didn't specify your gender.

At least you're not the weird girl.

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I would suggest you re-read the FML, around 10 more times should work.

Did you even read the FML?

seems to be a lot of people not reading the full posts lately

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It's alright to be a little weird, everyone is and he was rude to even point that out.

I think it was pretty rude for her to basically beg them for a drink. They were just giving her an honest reason why she wasn't receiving a free one...

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It was a joke, OP even stated that in post. T_T

she can tell herself it was a joke as much as she wants, a little part of her wanted to them to buy her a drink, too, hence "I started feeling a bit left out"

I'm sorry, maybe I'm weird myself, but I think it's pretty rude to offer one person a drink (alcoholic or otherwise, at a bar or not) and not also offer one to the person who is clearly with them. If I were OP's friend, I'd have taken that drink and thrown it back in his face (perhaps literally, depending upon how bold and drunk I was feeling) for being so mean to my friend. These guys clearly are NOT gentlemen if they're only nice to women they're hoping to bang. I mean, it doesn't even occur to them to PRETEND to be nice for the sake of appearances. Wow. Then again, I suppose a bar isn't the best place to find a gentleman. Ironically, neither is a gentleman's club.

I'm sorry but that's an incredibly awkward joke to make. It reminds me of those people who say "what about me" "jokingly" when someone compliments their friend. It may be a joke but it still put the guy in an awkward position because what was he supposed to do? If he laughed and ignored her he would still be seen as rude. A comment like that, no matter how jokey, put him on the spot. He responded terribly but OP shouldn't have put him on the spot in the first place.

67, If you asked me, I'd say he deserved to be put on the spot and feel awkward. He was already being rude by offering her friend a drink and not her. I mean, he wasn't obligated to give her the same amount of attention, but geez, at least acknowledge her existence.

If it's a joke, then make it funny.

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That's why two guys usually go up to two girls, the main man wants the 'not weird' girl and the WINGMAN politely is to show attention to the 'weird' girl. Not saying either are weird but it is rude to have one man go to two girls only wanting one, better approach should have been to buy both a drink and ask if he could dance with the girl he really wanted or talk some where a little more private

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Just to confirm, he made a rude comment, as a response to her needy rude comment asking for handouts, and you would then assault the guy by throwing a drink on them? Very mature.

Apparently not the kind of "thirsty" he was looking for.

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This is where you grab your friend and leave. No use staying around assholes.

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His loss.. Weird girls are the best.. (In bed)...

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How do you know? o.O

Says the girl.

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This is basically my life. I empathize with you. Also, weird girls are better. They aren't boring and have substance.

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What about wierd guys eh? eh? eeehhh?? *pokes you with a stick*

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Just enjoy your weirdness and buy yourself a drink. You don't need a guy like that anyway.