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Today, I went through the car wash my boyfriend works at. When I pulled in, I explained I was Greg's girlfriend and cutely asked if I could get a free car wash. His co-worker looked at me confused and said "Greg said he didn't have a girlfriend", then he looked at me and said "Now I know why". FML
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Its not the fact the shes ugly, its probably the fact that shes a huge fat fatty. If she had a slammin body it would be as big a problem, especially if she had some killer hoo hoos the car wash dude would not even look at her face.

  elchapin562  |  0

yea i agree wit 89, YDI for trying to use the boyfriend card to get a free car wash. you know, those places do need to make a profit.

but FYL cuz your BF says he's single, and probably wants to mingle wit the woman customers

  Escapist28  |  0

I'm actually psyched that someone else noticed that.
Everyone else summed the rest of it up nicely. Don't go asking people you don't know for free carwashes, even if you're asking "cutely" (honestly, how do you cutely ask someone for a free carwash?).

By  dramakat11  |  0

Damn! Ouch. I'm sorry. I'd cry. Hopefully he was just trying to be a dick. You just gotta say fuck him.

Confront your bf with that guy there too so he's less likely to lie and weasel his way out of it. You need to know if he really said that he didn't have a gf or if that was before you were together or what.

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

... what? You'd cry? Seriously, one guy who you don't even know saying something about your appearance would make you cry?
Wow.... just wow...

But I agree that she needs to ask her boyfriend what was up with that. Why did he say it, who did he say it to, or if he said it at all and the guy was just assuming from him not mentioning her or interpreting something else he said incorrectly.

  dramakat11  |  0

I'm sensitive. I know I shouldn't be so sensitive but I am. I'm working on it. It wouldn't ruin my whole self-image or anything but yeah, it'd hurt my feelings a lot.