By nu_ravers_101 - United States
Today, I went surfing. One of my instructors came up to me and told me that the other, good looking, instructor didn't have a girlfriend. Who then turned around and said "I do if you are trying to set me up with her." FML
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  cckkjjcc  |  0

#64, but in this case he says I do if your trying to set me up with HER. if he just didn't want to be set up with anyone he would have stopped at set me up.

  BananaSticker  |  0

Not really an FML.
If he's not attracted to you, he's not attracted to you.
Did you want him to go along with it and be miserable on a date when he'd rather be at home JUST so he wouldn't hurt your feelings?

Here's a sticker to help you only care about the people that care about you. :]

  Elicy1984  |  0

#113 Yes I did read it aswell... I don't know what kind of "set me up/or not" -deal those guys have, but I was just saying generally.

If you're capable of getting dates yourself, you don't really want to be set up by your friends..

And I just think in this post, it's fairly obvios that he was messing around.
Why would a guy let his friend ask girls out for him, when he is right there! next to them.
Makes no sense :)

By  stitch_book  |  4

OP, when he said "her," did he emphasize it? he might not have meant to hurt you. i used the EXACT same line before, but it wasn't because i didn't think she was worth it; it was because i didn't like people setting me up with others as if i didn't know how to make my own choices.