By cjj325 - United States
Today, I went skinny-dipping with my best friend. We were on the beach and it was fairly crowded but we got in the water at this really secluded area. While we were swimming I looked up to see a homeless man wearing my clothes, walking away. FML
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By  truelyajerk  |  0

yeah no...skinny dipping on the beach is fine.

To those who think its gross, read a book. Fish shit in the ocean, and you think your bathing suit is a filter that prevents anything from getting in? I guess you never have had a sand in your trunks/suit.

By  Eatitout  |  0

Why would you skinny-dip on the beach anyways, it's so dirty in there, kids like piss and shit in there lmfaoo, hope you had fun getting out of the pool naked. :P