By Kronic - / Thursday 2 July 2009 05:08 / United States
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  Finnboghi  |  0

#32 - Ninja'd.

Also, #4, what is wrong with you?

If you're going to be anal about someone else's grammar and spelling, at least have the decency to ensure your own retort conforms to the modern standards of English.

Especially since he had one error, compared to the several in your post.

Anyways, OP, that was kind of stupid.

Entertaining, though.

By  fallenarchangel  |  0

Wow thanks for adding I won't say first. Your pointing out you are first. So we have the rights to flame your ass now. Go get a life 1st. And op why the he'll would you slap your own son even if it wasn't your son. YDI

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