By crippled shopper - United States - Streamwood
Today, I went shopping first thing in the morning to avoid the crowd. Having recently had surgery on my knee, I used an electric scooter to shop. The scooter died in the middle of the store. No one was around to help me. FML
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  Brandonep  |  13

They may have used a walker or a cane that they left at the place where they got the scooter. If that isn't the case my guess would be that the distance from them(in their current location) to their car is much larger than the distance from their car to the place where they got the scooter.

  0ops_i_died  |  8

A cane I could see, in which case OP should have taken it with him on the scooter. And ok, maybe the scooters are far away but any decent shopping center should have an a associate within reasonable walking distance.

By  ks23  |  9

With the way people act today even if they ha been around no one would have helped you anyways.........Until they had posted it to Facebook and uploaded it on a video to YouTube.

  fluffykhan_23  |  4

It's 5 in the fucking morning, I've been sitting on this damn good-for-nothing scooter and it seems all the employees are still asleep. I have brought myself to drink my piss out of thirst, so could you be so kind as to come help me!

  yresim  |  12

When you have a long-term injury or disability, it is really important to be able to leave the house by yourself once in a while so you feel independent & less like a burden to everyone else. Saying someone should 'have a friend' every time he/she goes to the grocery store is incredibly insensitive.