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Today, I went round to my Grandparents' to help set up their new Satellite TV. When I turned it on, for some reason it defaulted to "Arab Babes TV". I was therefore inadvertently responsible for the broadcast of porn in my Grandparents' living room. FML
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By  ilawlzatyou  |  0

lmfao, i love that no matter where/what it is, people will fight over the internet.

You know the saying, fighting over the internet is like the special Olympics....

By  Amkii  |  0

And Arab porn, nonetheless! They must have been offended on several levels! haha It's not like you intentionally turned it to that.

#1 - Really? REALLY? All I can see is inadvertly as wrong.

#10 - LOL! I was thinking the same thing!

#12 - The English tend to say round instead of around. I guess he could have at least put 'round. The random capitalization confuses me too... Porn, Grandparents... weird. Lots of people do that, though, I've seen. Another thing that makes me mad is people putting apostrophes everywhere... like "CD's" or "towel's" when referring to plurals.

#14 - Why don't you comment on the FML instead of our arguments? Grammar Police are everywhere and will usually comment if they have a chance to!

#18 - Do you honestly think he did it on purpose?

#19 - I agree! My dad loves that saying about the internet being like the Special Olympics, lol!