By Anonymous - / Tuesday 14 December 2010 15:02 / United States
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Sounds embarrassing. This illustrates the futility of trying to have social graces and form relationships with your fellow lifeforms. Even with the noblest of intentions, all your efforts can (and usually do) end up for naught. Worse yet, as in your case, it completely backfires. You'd have been better off having not even tried. Such is the case with much of life. Life. Don't talk to me about life.


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We're all bastards. Why do you think they assigned this username to me? I don't WANT to act this way, but that's the role that was given to me, so I have to play along. Selena, you're stupid and you should give up now. See! I didn't want to say that! Honest!

Did you take back your wine and muffins? You've already made quite a fool of yourself, so appearing to be rude won't really do much more damage to your reputation. You might as well get drunk... and eat muffins?

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