By Noname - 12/03/2009 19:56 - United States

Today, I went over to my uncle's house for dinner and my stomach hurt really bad. I noticed there were two toilets and sat in the prettier one and took a huge dump. Turns out I'd chosen the brand new toilet that wasn't connected to anything yet. FML
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alyssa_22 0

Wouldn't you notice that there's no water in it?

iammeanttolive 0

Shit happens. (:


aw, well that's what you get for choosing the prettier one..

this reminds me of jackass....

more like dumb and dumber!

WTSchool 0

You went in the 'prettier one'? YDI for not knowing that new toilets usually look 'prettier' than old ones.

KUSHaholic 0

similar to how we choose females these days lol tha prettier ones be tha wrong ones most tha time hahaa

if it wasn't connected there would be no water, I'm guessing op had to go pretty bad to not notice that

grimes5 0

I was thinking the same thing. Plus, it wouldn't be near the plumbing because I bet he knew where the old toilet originally would be. YDI OP

laya_fml 26

I agree. If you knew you were going to muck it up with all your crap, why would you pick the pretty one

iammeanttolive 0

Shit happens. (:

shiznutmuffin 0

probably fake toilets have no water in them unroll they are connected

shiznutmuffin 0

oops i actually meant untill

alyssa_22 0

Wouldn't you notice that there's no water in it?

MiGman 5

well #3 when you feel shitty and have to drop a duece I'm pretty sure you wouldn't look to ser if there's water in the crapper

Well then 79, if you're that desperate for a dump then you probably wouldn't care about 'sitting on the prettiest one' either.

If it wasn't connected, there wouldn't have been water. Owned.

kagome_eb 0

hahaha aww would of happen to anyone! don't worry to much about it.

RHK_fml 0

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how do u know it's s girl??doesn't say

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you're an idiot

#6 i was gonna comment how u knew it was a woman... then i realized, a real man wouldnt make that mistake

I would have just left it there and blamed the dog.

how many people have two toilets in their bathrooms? wouldn't you wonder just from that? and, like 3 said, there should've been water. do girls not look at the toilet before they sit down? i guess that's why they whine about falling in.

rawritsdinogirl 4


Would a guy choose the "prettier" one?

cadillacgal79 32

I actually look down to make sure everything's in order so yea u won't hear me whining.

When you opened it and saw there was no water, what the hell did you think?