By Anonymous - 01/02/2010 20:56 - United States

Today, I went outside to scrape the inch and a half of ice off my car so I could get to work. After half an hour of intense scraping, I realized that it wasn't my car. FML
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on the bright side, think how much you must have helped the owner of that car :]

wow, how could you not notice within, like, the first ten minutes?


wow, how could you not notice within, like, the first ten minutes?

how stupid are people getting. YDI for... well... being you?

well f her life because of being her too then I guess

Your attention span sucks. You didn't remember 1. The color of your car 2. Your type of car 3. Where you parked. YDI for being an idiot, who has the brains of a goldfish.

um if you're going to work...aren't you at your house? you forget what car you had?

i hear ya abs dude!!

Getting ready for a morning drive without your cofee or major hangover. regardless Fail

hey look! it's gay insecure abs guy! commenting on the first comment. again.

@94, faggot, you commented on it too, dimwit,

Agreed, I've almost done this a couple times. In a crowded parking lot outside of my apartment where anyone parks anywhere, it can happen, especially under a bit of snow and coated in ice. People need to back off a bit.

No I live in Minnesota where scraping my car off is often a daily chore, and yet I don't buy this story for a second. Yes if it was completely covered in snow I could see not noticing it was your car for a minute or two, but even that is unlikely. Usually after even a big snow enough of the car is still visible that you could tell if it was yours, and even if by the slight chance it wasn't you would start to notice after only only a minute of wiping the snow off. Even if the car was common model and color it's not likely. I guess if it was the exact same car then it's possible, but even then I find it hard to believe that you wouldn't see something to tip you off within a few minutes.

this is obviously fake. i live in central new york and you dont scrape off 1.5 inches of ice, nor do you really see that very often. what you do, is get a screwdriver and chisel thei ice from around the door, then turn the car on max heat, but even then it would prob take hours to defrost the windshield.

I herd the same shit on the tv.some one taking a half hour getting there car unstuck and wasn't theirs.either it was this dumbass or your,your own dumbass lol

maybe he replied to yours, dimwit

ya man I agree. ydi for being a dumfuck

@gayinsecureabsguy, I was replying to your comment, not the first post. I'm not a fucking sad attention seeker who puts googled pics of shirtless guys as my display pic... you're not really that witty. no one gives a fuck about what you have to say.

It's a woman...

well atleast she helped someone! :) lol

97 get your gay porn outta here. But you're right. OPs a FAIL in life. Average American.


Another instance of woman drivers (jk...sort of).

I know a family where one person owns a grand am and another owns a grand prix and they're both silver.

Cool story bro.

oh wow that sucks major ass... lolz

on the bright side, think how much you must have helped the owner of that car :]

Today, I overslept. Dashing out the door, worried at how much later I'd be due to the state of my car, I found that a very considerate neighbour had for some reason taken the time to scrape the ice off my car. It Made My Day.


I know with the recent storm here over the weekend you could only tell it was your if you knew exactly where your car was located so that is understandable.

You did kinda deserve it, but, to be honest, your life does suck for not being able to differentiate between your car and the car you just scraped, especially when most of it's under ice. At least you did a job for another person. :)

Your life isn't fucked. It's just every corny, cliche, laugh-track-using sitcom EVAR! Look out for the banana peel! Har-Dee-fuckin-har!

you're not really that funny anymore...

lol you mustve been tired

haha did u get fired for being late