By wheel 4 - 01/12/2017 05:00

Today, I went out with my best friend, his girlfriend, and a girl they've been wanting to introduce to me. I thought they wanted to set us up, but it turns out they're a throuple and wanted me to be the first to know. I think I'm the first fourth wheel in history. FML
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I’ve only ever heard them referred to as a throuple, honestly.

So...A triad/throuple with a friend thought (personal pronoun) is unneeded is called a "Car"? Or tricycle with a spare?

Maybe don't refer to yourself as being in a "triad" when visiting China though ;)

Obviously, they need you to hold the camera. Also, you can finger the girl who is taking the secondary role.

should've stopped after the first sentence, dude. The second one is why I thumb's downed it.

It's rather rude to assume someone has a "secondary" role. There's no rule saying they can't love each other equally after all.

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'm assuming you mean fingering her belly button. Only after flicking her nipples.

I know you may have been surprised, or confused, and that is understandable. But they really were probably making a very respextful show of honor and trust in you to come out to you. I would just talk to your friends, and be supportive. If you ask qurstions kindly and respectfully, your questions may help them know what sort of things to expect from others. That may help them with future conversations. Anyway, how nice for your friends, and you!

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Technically- even though there are terms like triad and quartet that most of the polyamorous communities agree on as being "more correct"- you can call a polyamorous group anything. As long as the group doesn't object, and you aren't doing it to make fun of or insult them, that is. Apparently "throuple" has become more accepted and used since I was researching polyamory, as an example. Some people also call their polyamorous group a "pack" so that they don't have to find a new term if they gain or lose partners.

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You may now start to use the expression "I am the fifth wheel of their carriage".

I think it's time to retire "[x#] wheel" as the term given that four wheels is normal for a car and many types of vehicles have larger numbers then that. Might I suggest "spare wheel" instead?

Now you guys can FINALLY make a proper automobile!

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you the cameraman for this threesome?