By LonelyLoner - 26/11/2009 18:19 - United States

Today, I went out to lunch with a girl I like and her best friend. We had a good time, even talked for a few hours at the restaurant, but after we left, she stopped talking to me. Her friend told her that I kept staring at her chest; I was trying to see what her pendant was. FML
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Yikes. Why not just ask her straight out next time?

"That's a nice pendant, may I see it?"


Yikes. Why not just ask her straight out next time?

Yup this is my excuse for looking in them places too. Especially when theres something writtin on there underwear Anywayz its Nice to know im not the only one. O and im seconed

Yeah you should of just asked.

yeah you really should have just asked, it would have gotten her talking and girls like that sort of thing

he must have been staring at the pendants at end of her boobs

What's a pendant?

Really? You don't know what a pendant is?

Some kind of necklace

you blew it fer sure bub! she sounds a bit up tight anyways- (fun... until she starts "bitchin' about everything" kind of girl). better luck next time.

"That's a nice pendant, may I see it?"

Nope, sorry, he'd have gone all freudian and said "Nice boobs, may I see them?"

Yea, I feel for you. It's the same thing as when someone wears a shirt or pants with something written on the chest/ass, and then whine when people stare at it trying to read what's there...

She was obviously wearing a revealing shirt, so it's a bit silly to say any blame wasn't at least shared by her. If you were staring at her wrists or hair or eyes, would she feel any less objectified? It always seemed inconsistent to me.

OP never said she was wearing a revealing shirt

dun lie im sure u snuck a few peaks at her tits. were they at least nice?

5 - If you're going to type something, type it in an actual language.

Easily explainable. No worries.

next time just ask. duh

Staring at her pendant??? What's happenining to men....this is troubling. Next you'd be staring at her belly button.

If the belly button is the NEXT thing you check out, you're a little on the fag side of life.

moron. fucking ask next time and don't look like an asshole

Why didn't you just ask, you tool? YDI