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Today, I went out on a date with an ex boyfriend that I hadn't seen since college. He took me to a bar, where he was oddly quiet, but drank heavily. When the bartender asked us if we were ok, he replied, "This is my ex girlfriend. Can you believe she used to be skinny?" FML
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forestqueenie 0

what an ahole! I bet you're gorgeous! don't mind what he says...

well then you must be one big dick.


forestqueenie 0

what an ahole! I bet you're gorgeous! don't mind what he says...

OP you are what you eat so YDI.

well then you must be one big dick.

well, she could be fat, but the guy is a jerk either way for saying that. It's just not right to be mean like that.

at least he stopped being quite and tried to start a conversation. BITCH

My sister is in the same situation. Since her breakup with her boyfriend 4 years ago, she's gained a couple pounds but she is still my beautiful sister!

catrav77 0

39 - Learn to have some respect... and to spell.

#53 I meant to thumbs up but I clicker the wrong one and it won't let me change it. and op I'm sorry but theirs better guys out there. It's also not about good looks. it's about a great personality. he's a jerk!

MrFlintstone 5

he was drunk he didn't know what the fuck he was saying

a drunk mans words are a sober mans thoughts

Everyones beautiful in their own way.

68- or woman...

Chances are OP wasn't. He wouldn't say it for no reason. He shouldn't have said it in the first place...but....yea you get my point.

littlemissFYL 5

I can't believe it!

yes yes or woman :P

He is rude, agreed, but think about it. You start texting the girl you went out with two years ago. You remember all the good times. you say, "hey, we should get some drink." And when you walk into the bar, you see her but with 30 extra pounds? You'd be pretty disappointed. And before you say, "who said it was 30 pounds? it was probably only like 3," I was exaggerating, but it would have to have been a good amour considering it would be unbelievable that she had once been skinny.

staceysgenesis16 0

that is true .. u shudnt hav let yourself go .. but on the other hand your ex bf is a fuckin bitch face with a small penis ...

*Looks at despicable me picture* Yes, your sister is a sweet, beautiful Twinkie

ImaWiseGuy 5

if i was the bartender, I would assume that statement meant he's gonna need another round or two or three, depending how big the girl was....or is that just me???

Although he was drunk, that comment was unnecessary. You should whack him with your glass and leave.

I approve of this comment.

Well then I approve of both of your comments *passes out cookies.*

Why even go on a date with an ex partner,

FYL - I hope you left then and there?

I was thinking the exact same thing lol..

maybe you should have stopped eating after your4th plate at a buffet. Just an idea. YDI

jane79 0

5 that's an asshole thing to say. for your information everyones body chemistry changes as they get older and genetics plays a part in it. over eating is not the only reason people gain wait, she could have many reasons for putting on wait, like depression,thyroid problems, her hormones could of changed causing metabolism to slow down, she could of had a kid, some birth control causes wait gain, I could go on with Aron more reasons why she gained weight after college so u should not assume she over eats your an asshole

gle_ek 0

correct! go girl :)

I have depression and I don't gain weight. In fact, I've never hit 100 pounds.

that might be true in some cases. but not to an extent I just wanted to go trolling. anyways while the reasons you said are the factors a lot of the time people just want more and more. since we don't know anything about this person let's assume te worst. she has depression, bad genetics, ect. Now Depression= therapist help and changing your lifestyle. Certain types of food release hormones that make you feel good. Depression gone. now your weight in a lot of cases is just due to depression. Since that's gone shell be okay and now can work it off. Anyways don't make it sound like the OP is a victim. Most fat people I know are assholes. They complain how they just love to eat and it's McDonalds fault. And yet us skinny healthy people don't like to eat. when my 2 brothers DIED did I just go on an eating spree? give me a break.... :/

jane79 0

ok so you were depressed and did not gain weight but if your saying just go to a therapist, stop eating mcdonalds or any of the other fixes you think you know then maybe you should assume that if she depressed could be cause she has no insurance and can't afford a therapist with the economy in the u.s. or she lost her job do to lay offs and cut backs either way if she chooses to lose weight it's up to her it still makes you an ass to assume she overeats my parents are over weight and it not from over eating or eating mcdonalds it's cause of health issues and one last tid bit she might not even have a problem with her weight it was the asshole man who thought she was fat and not everyone agrees on what fat is you may think a chick is fat if she is 5'3 and weighs 150 pounds and wears a size 10/12 jeans to another guy he might think she fine. either way your still a asshole and that's my opinion for assuming she's fat cause she eats to much mcdonalds

trying to put words In my mouth? First of all I said that you shouldn't over eat. looks like you got trolled. But if you want to disscuss what if she can't afford it, who gives a fuck. When you see a fat person on the street these two facts come into mind. 1. That's one fat ashole! 2, Poor guy/girl I feel so bad. Choice 2 only comes in place when the person is disabled. NOBODY goes it must be her genetics, depression, ect. Now you said she might have certain problems I said there's a fix for that. Now for that rant against how poor she is… who would care. This Is quite literaly a problem she ate herself into. I don't think you gain weight unless you over ate. About Mcdonalds I said most fat peopl I know are dicks that keep saying they love too eat. While skinny people don't like too eat at all. please think how manny times people have said " I just like too eat." BTW I wasn't depressed you have to move on with your life. Please thumbs down my comment you haters.

BaskenRobin 2

You were clearly dating a winner. Superficial AND a drunk. Great job OP! Run outta there fast! Go! Run!

caaamilleeee 0

your cute!

Bellacanfixit 2

That's when you call him a dick, get up, and leave. FYL.

calling someone a dick isnt really an insult. theres so many other words to insult someone. when someone says that to me its like. yea yea fuck you too

ImaWiseGuy 5

no, no, no throw out yalls insult guideline.... if you wanna bring a man down, you would have to comment on the size of his willy or his sexual capabilities.... take a shot at pretty much anything he would hold high in regard....^^

jennifer93 0

Wow what a jerk!! I would've said "and gee I had forgotten why we were ex's but thanks for sparking my memory"

what a ass but most men speak the truth when they are drunk.

I agree with this statement completely

ur a fucktard, generic male bashing statements shows how much unresolved issues you really have. and if men speak the truth while drunk, all women are.... what exactly?

Angi95 3

Your kind of being hypocritical if you say that she is stereotyping men and then you go off and stereotype women.

I just made a point of hypocrisy to portray asinine thinking, stoopid