By Anonymous - 14/06/2012 15:49 - United States

Today, I went out of town with my mother-in-law. I don't know what posessed her to start questioning me about her son's and my sex life. When I told her I wasn't talking about that, she began to dicuss her and my father-in-law's bedroom habits. The car ride was two hours. FML
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Get any good tips?

I wouldn't be able to look at her the same way ever again...


I wouldn't be able to look at her the same way ever again...

I probably wouldn't.

At least you werent eating

Dude, i hope you just told her you didnt want to hear about that crap! or at least attempted to change the subject? either way, FYL.

Yeah exactly, how can you listen to that for 2 hours?

Yes.... This happen to me I couldn't look at my in laws the same way

Get any good tips?

"Well you see, if she puts her legs like this, and you...."

I'm Gunna have to try that

"And you...." WHAT?!

Well I hope the mother wasn't driving while showing techniques!

Not if he's circumcised.

Lol she teach you anything?

I think it would b too awkward for OP to make any notes.

Then when you try it on your husband you can say "Your Mom taught me this". He'll like that. ;^)

This is when the ability to enter a self induced trance is beneficial.

Jump out of the car pains only temporary. What you heard you may never forget

Pains only temporary. Becoming crippled isn't.

It would be a lot more awkward if she was talking to your husband about this. But still FYL

An iPod would come in handy right about now.

so would a narcolepsy sleep attack

Lol... True that!

^^ unless she's was driving. lol

^^ It would still be better than the conversation...

That's a straight shooter right there, ?


35) I have without a doubt it's that squid face guy, back to reek havoc on FML :(

Throw yourself from the automobile! Or endure the graphic details and get one of those Men in Black memory erasers.

**should have thrown

That's so awkward my boyfriends mom is like that too