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Today, I went on what I thought was a date. After a wonderful night with a perfect gentleman, he told me how excited he is that he's moving in with his girlfriend next week, and thanked me for reassuring him that he doesn't want anyone but her. FML
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Welp, just cross him off the list. Luckily you only wasted one date with him. It wasn't polite what he did, but at least he didn't lead you on.

Tell his girlfriend you went on a date. It's only fair.


Welp, just cross him off the list. Luckily you only wasted one date with him. It wasn't polite what he did, but at least he didn't lead you on.

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Well he sort of did, if the OP had a clear impression it was going to be a date.

"Wasn't polite what he did"? Talk like Yoda, you do.

His sentence was perfectly constructed. What the heck are you on about?!

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#13, it was a date. it just helped the guy realize that cheating probably wasn't a good idea.

Let me guess: it's not cheating if your partner feels bad about it, huh? I'd have to call an "OBJECTION!" on that.

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That's true it's better find out now over later

Don't worry, there are plenty more real men out there that will treat you like a queen

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Eh. I don't mind a little fawning. Just a little, though. That's pretty much all it takes to make me feel politically powerful.

You serious all I said is she can get better and deserves better I treat my wife like she's everything and it's not trinkets and stuff like that it's respect and honesty

Really all I was saying is she deserves better and there's others out there that she can find no trinkets I treat my wife like a queen by trust and honesty that's not trinkets

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#52 thank you, for being absolutely right on what I meant! It seems like everyone wants to turn a comment about them selves! So thank you for sticking up for that

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Not every girl deserves to be treated like a queen. Hell when is the last time a girl of this generation date a guy that was nice?

#61 to bad you think that way, your the only one holding yourself back from happiness and to be frank with you I'm a very nice guy to my wife and all types of people because that's what they deserve

Also #61 read your profile you totally contradict it your not poking fun or making fun your complaining and crying just like you said you laughed at lol well laugh at your self stay true to what you wrote lol

And #58 in a heartbeat if I wasn't Madly in love with my wife ;)

#58 I would in a heartbeat if I wasn't madly I love with my wife! I know you were jk but I hope you have a really good man also;)

bettyc4 26

Ah I wish. But congratulations to you and your wife for finding love. Wish the best for you two.

Holy ******* shit. Does everybody that gets declined think they're friendzoned? Gain some sense. Now that I think about it, "friendzoned" has been popular with teenage guys lately. Maybe she/he is not interested? Maybe he/she just doesn't like you? I hate that people think this is a legitimate excuse for being declined when in reality it barely happens at all.

**** it, I'm gonna join the bandwagon...and reject and friendzone myself. I'm now my own new best friend.

Gingerette 8

25, you better treat you nicely. Give yourself lots of encouragement and backrubs. Also, be a good wingman to yourself.

25, no touching though! Friends don't touch friends!

Exactly #24. I had at first thought I was being friendzoned, but realized that it was just a mismatch. There are other reasons besides a mismatch. S/he could be in a relationship already. S/he may just want to be just friends (Like me).

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#24: It's simply an excuse someone came up with to "justify" their bitter feelings toward someone who rejected them. It's an immature concept, but not an unpopular one.

Tell his girlfriend you went on a date. It's only fair.

Just brush it off, there's plenty fish in the sea. It wasn't very polite what he did but like the other guy said, atleast he didn't lead you on.

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He did. He told her at the END of the date that he is moving in with his girlfriend. Sounds like he was seeing if he wanted to be with her by asking out Op.

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Not really. You go on a date with the assumption your date is like you, single.

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Aim right between the legs and FIRE!

You can't assume it's a date if he didn't say it was. He thought of it as hanging out with a friend. I do feel sorry, though, about your disappointment. Don't worry. You'll find another nice man. I wish you much luck.

If they were hanging out as "just friends", wouldn't she have known he is in a pretty serious relationship?