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Today, I went on my first date with a girl I have been infatuated with for months. At the restaurant, the waiter came while she was in the bathroom. I ordered steaks for both of us. Turns out, she is vegetarian, and doesn't like it when men are "overly aggressive". She called me a cow murderer. FML
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"Cow murderer" is a bit harsh, but you should have waited for her to come back to the table. YDI

definately deserve it. you should never order for someone else, you idiot.


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pro tip: don't stick your dick in crazy

good tip. better to know now. most vegitarians are a little ... interesting. My food shits on your food :)

real women eat meat. you are better off without her crazy ass.


stick ur meat iner "HOW DO YA LIKE ME NOW BITTCH" hmmm

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some the most important nutrients come in mart like steak and liver so shut up dinkus

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meat srry*

dude that sucks, your dating a plant murderer

So was the waiter in the bathroom with her when he came? Dirty.

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Vegetarians might be healthier but they have to take a hell lot of vitamins to make up for the nutrition they're losing.

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Broccoli Murderer!

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Although seriously OP, Why The Fuck would you go and order for someone you obviously don't know?.. If you're arrogant enough to do that, I don't care if I loved steak and ate it everyday, i'd still walk out on you.

^ It's not like she's paying. A valiant effort, OP. Doesn't sound like a very understanding gal.

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Im a lil confused.. How did you know the waiter cummed in the bathroom? o.O

#53: I'm all for respecting the choice to be vegetarian (or vegan, for that matter), but you're just being reactive. Any breast milk is "partly toxic" as is anything else that contains anything other than carbohydrates or water soluble vitamins. Why? Because it is possible to overdose on everything else. Any fatty acid, amino acid, vitamin or mineral, taken to excess, can kill you. Carbs and water soluble vitamins can kill you too, it's just called diabetes and kidney disease, respectively, rather than toxic buildup. So if you want to avoid toxic stuff, pro tip. Stop eating. We also don't have to put up with you for more than a month. I could also rat you out for your grammatical incompetence, but I seriously doubt you'd understand.

some of yall would make good points if I could actually understand what yall are saying. do yall proof read before submitting your comments holy cow.... I mean carrot. vegitarians can be vegitarians, but stop shoving it down other peoples throats. I like meat and you won't convince me otherwise.

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She is crazy.

Geez, 111. I hope you're joking!

No they don't, if you eat balanced food to replace the nutrients in meat you don't have to take any supplements. I am a vegetarian and have never had to take any nutrition supplements because I use plant and grain proteins to replace what I don't get from meat.

I was replying to the post that said vegetarians have to take lots of vitmains.

true #104, Not to mention... why would nature design a carnivore/omnivore that poisons its young when eating a diet that's clearly part of natures plan. We're omnivores. Meat is part of our diet.

agreed it's the tasty stuff. I could not stand eating unflavorful green shit the rest of my life.

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lawl that's what I say to my sister xD 'plant murderer'

#104 and #124 thank you for saving me time. Tip for the OP. Next time you go on a date, don't order their food for them especially if it's on a first date. I cannot tell you how pissed off I'd be if a date ordered for me with no knowledge of what I like or could possibly be allergic to.

omg I can't believe op was enough of an asshole to not wait for her. impatient rude moron. like WOW, I think that says a lot about your character if you are sooooo stupid and rude enough to do that on a first date and you don't even know a THING about her. just what the hell is wrong with you?

not that there is anything wrong with a good juicy rare steak 

144, he's paying for it.

Never order for someone.. I've been married for 3 years, and the only time I ever order for her is when she tells me before getting up or when she ALWAYS gets the same thing. Especially on the first date dude, don't go for the cliche stuff

BeeSkwaird: It doesn't matter if he's paying. Would you honestly want to give up your right to choose what you're eating just because someone else is paying for it? That's just rude. Just because you pay for a meal, that does not mean you get to decide what everyone eats. The ONLY time I've ever had anyone order for me was with my friend Mikey. That's because I always had the same thing, and he knew what it was. Oh, and he paid for it every time, too. No one with any common decency would actually think they could pick the other person's food just because they're picking up the check. On a first date, you should never assume what the other person wants. You run the risk of being wrong and the OP's situation happening. This is a total YDI @ the OP.

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@156 (BeeSkwaird) how ignorant to assume that just because he's the man he's paying? I often pay for dinner when I go on dates (or at least offer to pay half). Kind of glad I do now, since apparently not paying means I have to eat whatever my boyfriend decides I'm eating...!

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What exactly does a vegetarian NOT get in their diet? Think before you answer. Hint: nothing. Also, OP it is highly rude to order something for someone you barely met and whose tastes you don't know. I'd be pissed if I were her, regardless of diet. OTOH, no one should pay for my meal on a date either...

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I didn't say he didn't incorrectly guess what the gal values. Obviously he did. I'm only saying he shouldn't be called a moron or an asshole, and we certainly can't assume he was being impatient or rude. Just mistaken. No big deal. He can learn from it and move on. (Some girls appreciate traditional chivalry and some are offended by it, while some girls appreciate egalitarianism and others are offended by it. He just misjudged her this time.) The real issue is her attitude of entitlement. Perhaps she was right to be mad he'd order meat. But she's wrong to be mad he'd order for her, considering she wasn't even paying for it. Now THAT's rude.

I hope 111's joking too... My God...

i love you op for using the word "infatuated" it's my favorite word (: oh yes and I know I didn't fight my way to the top of the food chain to be a vegeterian !

#122 Clearly you haven't been a vegetarian long enough to run into the vitamin B12 deficiency that ALL human vegetarians face. It's a lack of energy that'll hit you like a ton of bricks and you'll have to start taking supplements because we can't produce it from plants alone. Vegetarianism is completely unnatural for humans. We're omnivores. That means meat too. I hate it when vegetarians shove their pretentious philosophies down my throat because I'm a murderer. It's the cycle of life. Get used to it.

#181, I think you missed the point of idkweird's response. I don't have any food allergies and will eat pretty much anything; I would be mad as hell if someone just ordered for me unless I'd told them what I wanted. It's presumptuous and, in this case, rather patronising. If you are cooking someone dinner, you get to decide what everyone eats. Otherwise, it's just rude.

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B12 is contained in sufficient amounts in eggs and dairy too, provided we discuss vegetarianism and not veganism here. There is nothing chivalrous in ordering someone else's food before they disclosed to you what they'd like. Also, how can he assume she'll let him pay for her meal? Of course she was rude, what I'd have done would have been either to revoke the order, or to make him eat (and pay) two steaks.

if u think people should respect people diet chives why disentangle she???

never met a vegetarian who was nearly as healthy as my brother or me..or even very healthy at all. "OH FRENCH FRIES!" also, Jack lalanne eats meat

cows produce many toxins while alive, killing them is doing mother earth a service

only ugly or controlling girls hate to be ordered for even only once

185- Unless you hunt and kill your food yourself, I sincerely doubt you fought your way to the top of the food chain. 190- It's true that humans are omnivores, however most people eat far more meat than their bodies require. This is far less natural than vegetarianism, which can be as healthy as a omnivorous diet. Whether you are an omnivore or a herbivore a balanced diet can be achieved quite easily as most vegetarians don't just eat fruit and vegetables alone, they include grains, pulses and organic dairy produce. 201- Those cows are only alive to be eaten, maybe if we ate less meat they wouldn't cause ANY damage at all?

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To the wannabetroll above: how would you like it if she ordered a laaaarge salad, no dressing for you? What's good for the goose is good for the gander... I don't mean he can't speak in her name, but only after she told him what she wants!

If I was in the bathroom when the waiter came, I'd be pissed if she didn't order me a steak. When in doubt, order steak! Fuck that crazy bitch.

BeeSkwaired: Oh, I have no doubt he had good intentions. He was probably trying a little too hard with the date because he liked her so much. I honestly don't think he felt he was entitled to order for her just because he was paying. I was trying to point out that IF that were the reason, it would definitely be rude. I also believe that the girl overreacted, but I don't completely fault her for that. I definitely believe it was an extreme response, but I can understand it. To her, it was something morally wrong and against her beliefs. The closest I've come to having a date do something I found "morally wrong," was a guy who took me out and was absolutely rude to the waiter. When the waiter came by to let us know that he was sorry for the wait and the food was almost out, he replied, "well I should hope so." Then, at the end of the night, my date had cleaned his plate, so the waiter joked with him and said, "Oh, so was the food horrible?" My date responded with, "It was decent. Just because I ate it all doesn't mean I liked it. I can cook up some spaghettio's at home and they would be decent." Let's just say I was fuming and could hardly talk to him. I told him he was rude and that he totally embarrassed me. He told me he left a good tip, like that was supposed to make up for it. He apologized, and then when we were out again another night, he refused to sit somewhere that the hostess tried to seat us. At that point, I told him that if he EVER wanted to take me on a date, again, he wasn't allowed to talk to the waiters or complain. He basically got one more dinner date and then I was done. I can't tolerate people who treat serving staff that way. You aren't better than them. So, though she overreacted, it was still something that went so against her as a person. Like I said, the guy took a risk that didn't pay off. I don't think he was a jerk, but I also can't completely fault her.

I went out with a guy who insisted on telling me what I couldn't order. I would usually choose one of the cheapest items on the menu and he would tell me that I wasn't to order it because he didn't like it. I should have realized that was a warning that he had issues. By the third date, he was telling me what to wear, what to eat, what to talk about, and what he had decided my future was going to be. Maybe ordering the meat for her was just the final thing she couldn't deal with. While it wasn't an appropriate responce, it was very rude and controling of him to order for her without knowing what she wanted.

shes a psycho hippie bitch and you're an ass who orders for people without asking. 2 jackasses, perfect match.

Wow, phantomofmusic! Thank goodness you got away from that. That's just creepy! I still think he was probably trying too hard, and for some reason thought it would impress the girl if he ordered for her. I doubt he was trying to be controlling, but I can definitely see why you came to that conclusion after the guy you dealt with! I'm attempting to give the OP the benefit of the doubt, but who knows his reasoning behind it?

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I've been a vegetarian for about ten years and I don't take vitamin pills.

I don't know any woman who would be pleased if a man ordered for her on the first date. And even if he was paying (and GASP women do pay their own way now too!), he doesn't have the right to decide what she eats.

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I came when I read this

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haha owned!!!

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I've been a healthy veg for 3 years and counting. YOU obviously don't know what you're talking about. if you regulate your diet and are careful about what you eat then you don't need to worry about lack of B12 and iron. oh, and OP, YDI

#190 said it right. humans are omnivores. I respect peoples decisions to not eat meat, but you shouldn't say someone is a "murder" because they do. do you call your pet cat a murderer when it kills a mouse? it's just how we are designed, just like any other animal. this is like religious people saying anyone who doesn't believe in what they are going to hell, blah blah. this whole holier than thou art thing has become popular with vegetarians as well, it seems

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I don't usually put ydi but I had to this time, never order for someone unless they tell you to and you know what they like... so especially don't do it on the first date!

ydi for using the word "infatuated".

Eating meat provides certain enzymes that help with protein synthesis, something the vegetarians don't always get if they don't pay attention to what they're eatings. but things like Leeds can help with getting the necessary enzymes for protein synthesis. and you can't really deny that meat IS murder. You are taking the life of a creature. however that doesn't make it wrong. but I think it is important to understand that you are killing another creature. I eat meat btw. it was stupid of the OP for ordering for her without knowing what she wants. it was bitchy of her to insult his dietary habits. my biggest problem with vegetarians and vegans is they have a tendency to judge us. in which my usual reaction is, "but I love the smell of leather."

I'd also argue that most meat eaters don't eat healthy, unless they only get things like grass-fed beef; a most commercial beef has HGH in it ... which is basically the same thing as ingesting weight gain pills. the same goes for those who don't eat organic. the fact is, the intake of commercially grown or raised food is more unhealthy than being a meat eat/vegetarian/vegan ..

meat IS murder. tasty, tasty murder...

hahaha XD the waiter came hahaha oh yeah and I just ate some pork tenderloin

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wow she could've told you, you didn't know...... FYL

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yeah #53 stop freaken dissen vegatarians we r awesome

hehe, you should proofread your own comment :] |the kid|

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wow that sucks shouldve asked what she wanted

Not really. There are a few cases (I am ever so lucky to be one of them, but other than myself I know of only two others) were a person's system is deficient and cannot absorb enough nutrients and so vegetarian diets do come with the risk of being malnourished. However, in 98% of the time, a person can live a perfectly healthy lifestyle with no meat products or artificial supplements. Think about it. Entire cultures don't eat meat and yet continue to thrive and this was long before you could go to a pharmacy and pick up a bottle of B-12. Strict Hindus don't eat meat and yet it's the world's third largest religion. That is a giant chunk of the population that manages to stay healthy on an all natural diet.

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ydi for not knowing she is vegetarian

If everyone learned to respect each-other's dietary choices, vegetarians wouldn't go around preaching and calling people cow murderers.

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#144- that doesn't mean he was rude it shows that he was kind enough to order for her but I agree with u on the fact that he didn't ask what she wanted first..... btw a rare steak?? gross I'd like a medium rare though......

I agree with jdub. if she's a vegiterian she probly won't eat youur meat so fuck it

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As a vegetarian myself, I wonder what this woman was doing going out with a guy who she didn't know wasn't a vegetarian. I mean, if her beliefs are strong enough to call someone a "cow murderer," then they must be strong enough that she wouldn't want to date a meat eater in the first place, so why didn't she find this out BEFORE agreeing to a date? That said, I would've been pissed off if a date ordered for me, meat or not. How presumptuous is it to assume that you know what your date wants? Especially a first date! You couldn't say to the waiter, "My date is in the bathroom, could you come back in a couple minutes?" No, instead you had to be all alpha male and order for her. Don't you think that's just a bit insulting to a woman you just met? YDI

uhh... tip? don't order for a girl, especially on a first date. and vegetarians aren't weird. there are a lot more of them now. i've been a vegetarian my entire life and I've never had to take any special vitamins either...

no one is trying to convince anyone otherwise

chocogatto, I've been a vegetarian for 14 years and i've never had to take any vitamin supplements. and no one is forcing anything on anyone here. not all vegetarians are pretentious snobs. you can ask anyone I know and no one will say that I've ever told them they shouldn't eat meat. it's my own choice; of course I'm not going to force it on anyone else.

heyyyy! I am a woman and I am a vegitarian, not all of us are like that! I could understand why the OP would do that. just because a woman doesn't eat meat she is still a real woman!

did she throw cow blood over you? EPA

humans were ment to eat meat, so becoming vegetarian would be going against the food chain, because this world is an eat or be eaten world

I'm a vegetarian, not because I hate animals, but because I hate plants...

#104, you are AMAZING. Finally, someone who cares as much about grammar and science as much as I do. Keep it up, people just make stuff up so someone needs to tell them what's right :D

#204,before you go telling people off, think about your answer. It's true you can stil get vitamins and have a healthy lifestyle as a vegetarian, what about vegans? Obviously, they can't have meat, cheese milk or anything else that comes from an animal. What does that leave for them to eat? Hmm, fruit and vegetables. I have another good tip; think.

crazy is the best place to do that though!

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fuck that, meat is delicious. If it's furry, adorable, a good cuddly, soft and gentle creature, I'd skin that shit and drown that mofo in BBQ. kill for fur is wrong, but if your normal like most human beings eat fucking meat. If i was to ever become a vegetarian it would be because I fucking hate plants!

dude, need to calm down much? that being said, I hate those fuckers to :@

#119 lol win!!!

I'm wondering why this girl is crazy or a psycho for not eating meat. What is wrong with you people?

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Neither. I've been a vegetarian for three years and there is nothing wrong with me. I could say, you eat meat. What's wrong with you? I won't though, because I'm not a dick. :)

#139: I think they're calling her a psycho for calling him a "cow murderer." Idk, most vegetarians I know, or are friends with, respect my choice not to be a vegetarian. I give them the same respect, though. She very easily could have been responding to having food ordered for her, and especially, she could be responding to having MEAT ordered for her. I actually don't really fault her in this one. She could have reacted better, but it's his fault for ordering her dinner instead of waiting for her.

Your a dick 152

Fact of the matter is, every single vegetarian / non-vegetarian I know doesn't care either way; each to their own.

#186: I would agree that most vegetarians/vegans/whatever usually don't care. I have, though, met a few that absolutely care and make a point to try and make you feel bad for eating what you eat. I've also encountered people who eat meat and yell at the vegetarians/vegans/whatevers of the world for not eating it. It just depends on the individual. I'm all for people making their own decisions with food, as long as they don't tell me I have to, as well. Most vegetarians/vegans/whatevers that I've met have their own reasons for eating the way they do, and they know it's a hard choice, but it's one they are happy to make :)

SeedlessMe 13

idkweird- I'm so with you, and I haven't eaten meat in about 18 years.. But I have my own reasons for it and I understand that different minds work, well differently.. Mine just thinks way too much and I don't like feeling guilt, hahah, I've wanted a pet pig all my life, I just couldn't see eating one.. But I know it's not for everybody and I don't push my views on anybody (but of course if they try to argue or challege me, I love a good debate on the subject! Especially when people try to convince me I'm wrong!) :-D

Hehe, a vegetarian friend of mine once had me and a few others take a tour of an abbatoir. She was trying to put me off meat (i literally eat 5 different types of meat in the one sandwich). Afterwards, i was really killin' for a burger. Meat is good. Every vegetarian i know is either: A) Sickly from lack of vital nutrients B) Always having to read everything about what they eat so they actually get the right amount of goof stuff. C) A Douchebag I've always wanted to eat a Tiger, they would taste pretty good. A panda as well. Plus, i think it was in India, they bring out a cobra, cut it open and you eat the still beating heart. That's just pure awesome.

Epic fail next time order a glass of wIt a minute

Reminds me of when the Simpsons went to the Slaughterhouse and Mr Burns was ordering. After having a number of cows killed he changes his mind and orders a glass of milk instead. Yes the milk cow is also killed.

Rofl, that episode was great! "I'll have a glass of milk... From that cow." MOOO.

True, true. But don't forget the ostrich burgers. "You pick one out, and I'll punch it to death." Yeah, it didn't end well.


spiderpig spiderpig does whatever a spiderpig does...

SeedlessMe 13

That's right 2 knives-- cause you are a Pussy. If you didn't go out and slaughter that animal yourself, you don't deserve to enjoy it. Yes, you just got called a pussy by 'OH NO, A Vegetarian!!!!!' Hah!

No, he's overly agressive because he felt that he could order food for a woman he didn't know without consulting her.

ilikeyouuu 0

by overly aggresive, she was probably refering to him ordering for her...

Overly aggressive... does she think you killed the cow with your bare hands? Personally, when I go out to eat, I like my cows pre-slaughtered and cooked before they ever reach my general vicinity. But whatever floats your boat.

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say: im sorry, i see you she will forgive u

damn eco geeks. Animals eat other animals. Get over it

monnanon 13

not all animals eat other animals. Get over it

He didn't say "all". Get over it

applesuckers 0

#24 Fail!!!

#24: Humans are omnivores, not herbivores. Get over it.

frannyg 0

#6 - Animals eat animals, yes. But do any other animals enslave other species? Do they take formerly wild animals and turn them dependent? Do they pump them so full of hormones that they grow to full size in a week, cut off parts of their body, put them in feces-covered cages, and let them go mad before their throats are slit? No, lol. There is no cruelty in what other animals do to their prey, because animals are not capable of cruelty. They act on their instincts. We humans have the ability to be moral, but we choose very often not to be. We've taken ourselves apart from the food chain, and our selfish ways our going to destroy the planet if we're not careful...

Dude, this isn't the 1950s. Blatant disrespect for a girl's autonomy on the first date practically guarantees there won't be a second.

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@149 actually animals can be cruel..orcas "play" with seals and sometimes don't eat them. some apes do the same.

#154 FTW. Clearly and succintly stated the point. A comment rarity.

#154, Google *lewis chronological snobbery*

Animals are not capable of cruelty? You have no idea what you're talking about.

While I understand what you're saying and agree with your point, that is the most improperly placed lol I have seen in a good long time. "Do you know what's funny? No, really, this will leave you laughing for days! We - get this - force fed cows unnatural hormones! Ha!" Actually, typed out like that it almost looks like intelligent sarcasm. Your use of 'lol'? Not so much.

you should smack a bitch

wow that's the worst first date

you deserve it you should have known before the date that she was a vegetarian. I would have been pissed if tht were me. and some girls now a days don't like to be ordered for you should have waited

Agreed--I wouldn't like it if a guy ordered for me, whether it was our first date or fiftieth anniversary dinner. Girls like to make their own decisions when it comes to what we put in our mouths. You'll learn this eventually.

not completly true. I found out if you slip a roofie in their drink you can stick whatever u want in their mouth and they have no objection

I can see why your life blows

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haha ^^ how can you abstain from meat and live of vegies your whole life =

blaaaaakely 0

fairly easily! :)

Firstly, OP may not have known his date was a vegetarian because she hadn't told him, so that was not his fault. Also, being a vegetarian doesn't make you crazy. Many people are vegetarians because of their religion, and to say that someone's religion is stupid is rude and racist. Also, you're the one eating dead animals, not us.