By Anonymous - 29/12/2010 13:01 - Australia

Today, I went on my first date in months. My mum had invited friends over, and when I told them I was going out on a date, my mum said "No you're not, don't lie. Who would go out with you?" FML
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be like "Neither are you, which is why you're sitting around the house with a bunch of old hags."

Why are some parents so cruel to their children? Damn. Even if a parent has an ugly child, they should never admit to it! People don't choose how they look when born. You're limited in your appearance even if you have money for plastic surgery. It can only do so much.


that sucks!!!

Maybe it was a blind date lol

^ Yeah, as in OP's date is blind. That's the only possibility I can see.

she's truthful and honest...? seriously, have a little sense of humor and loosen up :)

I love them messed up and to the point go mom btw stop lying so much fyl

maybe... you should get more dates :D

oh I see, ur mom was jokin with u. or maybe she wasn't.......

mabey she was kidding !! I mean it sucks but mabey she's being truth full I mean the truth hurts !

Just convince her that there are desperate, hideous men out there who will scrape the bottom of the barrel for any pussy they can get.

It's true.

Well, pendatik, when a guy is prone to tennis elbow and masturbation becomes more trouble than it's worth. . . On the plus side, settling for horrible girls has its advantages: you're not likely to catch an STD from someone who is sexually transmitting about once a decade, tops, and you can tell her that lasting for 45 seconds is really great!

pendatik, alcohol helps. So does valuing quantity over quality ;)

pendatik, your picture make me sick haha

That put a very weird image in my head perdix, thanks. I guess at least her mom has a sense of humor..unless her mom was dead serious. D:

be like "Neither are you, which is why you're sitting around the house with a bunch of old hags."

so turn into a slut.. that'll teach her?

no effense but ur moms an ass!

No effense, but ur a idiot. Go back to kindergarten and learn your grammar.

"ur a idiot" Please use correct grammar especially when insulting someone else about their grammar. Also, that was a spelling error, not grammar.

I used incorrect spelling and grammar to insult the person.

this is why we stop soundibg out words at 7 ..... that right there.. this comment! ohh but! no effense lmao offense

You should've said: "yeah, I was wondering the same thing about you, but yet here I am".

YDI. I am wondering the same thing OP. Must be that thing they call personality. ZING!