By Anonymous - 23/07/2014 20:00 - Canada - Mississauga

Today, I went on Facebook. The third post down was a selfie of my mom looking sad, with the caption, "God I need a good dicking." FML
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Sounds like time to unfriend your own mother


I'm so happy mom doesn't have facebook! Ever since dad got it, I've been living in fear. FYL!

Best comment! Thread over :-)

Now ruined by #42

#1 Apparently dad doesn't like it often enough.

Now imagine how much dad will like it when the neighbor likes this

is it safe to assume the mom is divorced? no? okay

#107,awesome profile picture!

That must've been absolutely repulsive for you... FYL OP... That's something no kid should ever have to know haha

Well I remember walking into my mom's room when I was seven. She was having sex with a guy. He made a good first impression on me. Ironically I liked him more than my mother.

Well, can't blame her for being honest..though I do feel bad for OP, she shouldn't have had to witness that :(

She could be honest somewhere else though...

She could have said she needed a good scissoring.

is that supposed to be worse??

Sounds like time to unfriend your own mother

At least she knows what she wants

Hope that it was a typo?? Looks like you need to have an internet etiquette chat with her.

I'd hope it was a typo too, but then I wonder what she would have meant to type- and there aren't many other words it could've been. So I'm not sure it was just a typo...

Aha! so she meant *Licking. Lol other options aren't much better!

how dare mothers need sex

This FML isn't about having a healthy sex drive, it's about broadcasting a really inappropriate and frankly unnecessary comment like that on an extremely accessible social network for everyone to see. Nana's going to get a really big surprise the next time she checks her Facebook. FYL, OP.

No. How dare mothers say they need sex on social media for hundreds of people to see.

I think the fml isn't that her mom wants to have sex, but that her mother would post her need on a public place for everyone to see..

You didn't understand this FML Did you? For most people, the thought of their parents having sex or even a sexual desire is repulsive. It's not that she wants sex it's the fact she shared it all over Facebook for her family to see...

Kids do it all the time. Maybe she's just getting revenge

I understood it just fine. she can' post whatever she wants on her Facebook. it's called being a grown up and accepting your parents as human beings. not really embarrassing or life fucking, really. he* can hide her posts or even unfriend her if it bothers him that much. I bet anyone on her Facebook that's able to see it knows she has sex too. shocking.

personally, I don't even like to swear on facebook, too many people that can see it (mainly any younger kids who may see it) so I completely disagree with your view on this being totally fine, she could have younger people on there, neices and nephews etc, I know my mum does, do you think it's ok for them to see things like "I need a good dicking"?

#7 Your comments make me lose brain cells

@ 86 Please stop commenting. There's a reason you're getting down voted. It's no surprise she has sex. That is not what anyone is saying... It's just not appropriate to put on Facebook where everyone can see it..

yeah but they don't need to publicly announce it online... especially when their son could see...

It's ok to cry OP, it's ok.

Mmmm that's a bit awkward...

hmm thats really an awkward moment

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa just a lil bit

"I need a dicking" LMFAO