By Anonymous - 26/06/2011 21:42 - United States

Today, I went on a third date with this guy, hoping I'd finally get some action. I got a high five. FML
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flockz 19

a high five where her hand was the vagina and his hand was his dick.

fthku 13

$50 per session is my type of girl.


alexsmokesdro91 0

sucks for youu.

uglyyness 0

a high five is physically done too! ;)

ImmortalKratos 0

he's gay. or just doesnt know how easy you are. don't worry he'll get there's probably best you make the first move

wow action on the first date?! why not go find someone at the bar :P

Hey, a high five is definitely something to be proud of!

wow I derped hard lol for some reason o read first.

ImmortalKratos 0

29 you look vaguely familiar.....hmmm have you ever done porn?

simply_improper 1

what kind of moron gives a chick a high five on a date? OP you need to date a better class of men. ydi

ImmortalKratos 0

*I meant 30. the numbers changed 0.o

alexsmokesdro91 0

my point exactly.

supermankisses 1

Why waste time with dates if that's all you were expecting..

iEatGuppies 0

third date? this makes you sound like a whore. js... watch me get like 50 thumbs down.

No, I think the guy really likes OP. Because there's more to life than just more life.

is that legendary anchorman Ron burgundy? you stay classy San diego. (Aka a whales vagina)

alexsmokesdro91 0

why yes, the one and only,

you know, girls like you who want action that badly, all you have to do is act like a total whore and theyll be like oh hey she wants sex. it's not hard (no pun intended) you must be very bad at showing him you want something. sucks for you, but if you want something it really should suck for him instead, if you catch my load. oops I mean drift

he could be realizing he's gay? but that's more of a good guy cuz hes respecting you without getting crazy about the bearded clam.

138 is correct. although the bearded clam has now become a delicacy in most parts of America, Europe, and Atlantis. this man can control his hunger. he is simple trying to be a freindly young gentleman, that or he likes sea cucumbers shoved up his sewer pipe.

Brit1392 0

why not??

What were you expecting, exactly?

Sex. Intercourse. Vaginal stimulation.

flockz 19

a high five where her hand was the vagina and his hand was his dick.

On the 3rd Date? That's my Kind of Girl

On the first date is my type of girl.

fthku 13

$50 per session is my type of girl.

garrettsgirl 0

at least you got something haha

hahah on the first day is my kind of girl as well

There's nothing wrong with going slow, but maybe that's too slow...

yeah damn gurl slow doowwnn! hahaha

that's still an action :P

lakaiskate 12

better then what I get

5 if they gave one of those special handshakes... I think I'ma lose it! "Miss me high hit me low!"

but for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction... wait that doesn't make sense. ok whatever

FreshPairOfNikes 0

What kind of "action" were you expecting?

mismonroe 0


Playing patty cake

Athoritaahhh 0

hotdog through donut action

why are you complaining? you finally got some action...

nixter5 18

doesn't seem all that bad to me. you shouldn't screw on the 3rd date anyway!

iloveHU15 6

yeah, always wait 'til the fourth! jk.

Call a hooker then. :)

Bdubwv87 0


87, don't flirt on fml.

how about you be my hooker? I have top $ for good service.

Well, at least he considers you as one of the guys now.

mismonroe 0

Especially if boners is the one doing the high fiving