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Today, I went on a romantic date to the mountains to look a stars with a boy I had just met. We started kissing and he stopped, asking if it was rude for him to take me home now. After getting dropped off, he texted me saying we could never do that again and we should never talk about it. FML
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  Fucktroll  |  0

............(  )(  )/............... 

Is gonna happen if u don't kiss guys u JUST MET

  Reyo  |  2

@78: Just thinking that. You're either way too fast, or way too socially awkward. Did you actually put effort into the kiss or did you kinda sit there thinking "OHSHIT! WATDOIDO WATDOIDO WATDOIDO!?"?

  americayay  |  0

Has anyone else noticed that OP is from UTAH?!

OP: You're in the most religious state in the country. Odds are, this guy has a bunch of Jesus hang-ups and just feels like he's not supposed to be doing that period, not just with you. It's highly unlikely that it's personal. In fact, if you were able to get such a reaction from him, you should be flattered. He probably just feels bad. Just stay off of him in the future.

If that's not the case, then that's just really weird.

  MrCanoe  |  5

How so, it's pretty much true. Look up the Dugger Family the one with 19 kids they have a show on TLC. The oldest Son was so religious with his now wife that they literately did not kiss till there wedding day

  americayay  |  0

Yeah, how so exactly? I said he "odds are". It IS the most religious state in the country, so the "ODDS ARE" that's the explanation. I didn't even say he was mormon.

  Brandosyn  |  0

@ #139

Agreed, he went home to scrub a few million "potential children" outta his undies.

He probably figured that if HE knew he shot his wad, that she did too. (Or at least she would have if he'd stuck around long enough for her to slide a hand in his Levi's.)

Try and tell me that wouldn't have been much worse OP, a surprise handful of baby-batter?

  My2864  |  1

why is she a slut? its not like she fucked him..
just cuz you cant get anyone doesnt mean others are unable to
get over yourself and dont be so damn judgemental

  Anonanimal  |  0

I think your explanation makes the most sense. I mean if she was just awkward he wouldn't have waited until they kissed to want to go home. And being a bad kisser doesnt usually spawn that reaction