By EyeSeeYou - United States - Houston
Today, I went on a picnic with my boyfriend's family. I thought it would be nice to wear my sundress and cowgirl boots. The wind repeatedly picked up my dress in front of everyone, including my boyfriend's seedy grandpa, who I have to admit can do a pretty good wolf-whistle. FML
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  SkyBirdy  |  5

My comment of 38 was to clear up my mistake of when i was replying to number 13 earlier as number 26. Though, after i realized, i just erased the comment within the 180 seconds. I cant erase my comment of 38 because, of course, the 180 seconds is up now. Im sorry that was bothering you and im glad i can clear up the issue. Have a good day. Sex.

By  stevenJB  |  25

Hm. Not an FML for everyone else. Why complain? :)

By  seb6969  |  6

Today, I read an FML about a girl going to a picnic wearing a dress that reveals all whenever the wind picks up. Unfortunately, I wasn't there to enjoy the show. FML

  DeviousAngel  |  13

How do you adjust a dress to not blow up in the wind? I'm pretty sure all she could do is hold it down the whole time. Which isn't always possible if you need your hands for something else at the same time.

  DeviousAngel  |  13

80 - I highly doubt it was a tight dress if it flew up with the wind, therefore OP had no need for a thong.

However, tighter dresses look much better without an underwear line and thongs are the way to go - plus "safe" to wear because the dress won't fly up. :)