By highlydisgusted - 16/10/2013 03:10 - Canada - Ottawa

Today, I went on a first date. He left me standing at a bus stop while he took a dump in some bushes. FML
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At least he didn't bring you to the bushes with him

So, when's the second date?


At least he didn't bring you to the bushes with him

Did you 'dump' him?

I personally don't see this as a very big issue, considering sometimes you have to really go and if you don't, you're going to end up shitting yourself. I think OP should look past this and hopefully give him another date if it was good beyond that one mishap. You know what I mean?

no I dont. Who the fuck takes a dump in the bushes during a first date?

Seriously! Does this guy have any class? You have to wait until at least the third date before you start taking dumps in the bushes!

59- More like who the fuck takes a dump in the bushes at all?

Better than going in your pants. I have Crohn's disease. Look it up. It took two years of roadside stops and soiling myself before they even started testing for it. Even now I have to take A-D pills whenever I leave my house. I have no control over it.

What if there wasn't a bathroom room near by? It's better for him to go in some bushes than end up taking a crap on himself -.- what if he got good poisoning from something he ate and got diarrhea? We're only looking at this from OPs p.o.v and not really considering the guys reasoning.

u said 'turd date'

Do you realize how well both your username and comment number fit this FML #2? If you add a space in the middle of your username, it becomes ‘Nooo Peee’. I'm sure everyone can figure out the comment number joke on their own. Haha

So, when's the second date?

Should have said "date number 2". Chances for puns like these don't come often!

Marry me^

What a gentleman.

I think I hear wedding bells already

*Sees reference to feces in FML* Nobody say it. NOBODY SAY IT!

For the love of god, don't read #8!

What a fecal situation

\ 28

THAT'S A... (loud AK-47 fire)

Haha I read #8

And they say romance is dead.

Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta.... Hold on :runs to bushes:

He went to the bushes to pay call of doodie brown ops.

I actually thought this was hilarious!!! At least he came better than "the comment" lol

well, that's a shitty situation.

Go home and think about what you've done.

SAME ON YOU SHAME ON YOUR FAMILY. You need to go ask the lord for forgiveness for your terrible, terrible sin. TIME OUT GO TO THE CORNER

That comment was so bright, I'm gonna need some sunglasses.

god fucking damnit...

perdix, didn't you get some at that comedy for ordinary people class you took?

#80, you mean the class I ... *Lowers sunglasses* teach.

could someone please explain why my comment was so bad it warranted being buried?

I thought it was hysterical.. hahaha punny

my comment was not satanic.

at least he didn't take you with him.

Is this something that occurs in Canada? I know that my comment is most likely going to be thumbed down, but does anyone take a dump in the bushes with modern indoor plumbing?

Yes, this only happens in Canada, the home of the moose and no indoor plumbing. They also have no cordless telephones or fire.

Bushes with indoor plumbing? What a novel idea.

Or grocery stores. They have to hunt for all their food. They're also still Nomadic.

We don't have the Internet, either. So how am I posting this? Polar bear.

Really?? You have to ask if this is a Canadian thing? Morons and idiots are everywhere, in every country. Would you like me to judge your country based on an FML post. Sheesh! Crazy Canuk

you, you caught the mythical wifi polar bear??? Quick! What's his password!!! The wifi geese are starting to fly south and I need a connection!