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what the fuck..? maybe its a clever way of saying he has a large penis

"Probably not you."


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Could you stop with this shitty "he's a keeper" line on every damn post where they talk about a guy (or a girl) doing/saying strange things? It's getting really annoying, like that "Darude - Sandstorm" shit when you ask what's the song's name...

oh thats it? i never even understood darude sandstorm

You mean he plays soccer?

#60 he plays quidditch you dummy

#78 if you didn't know, in soccer: the goalie is also called the keeper The more you know

Someone is a crybaby. This is the internet, trolls are everywhere. Get used to it or don't go online.

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Tell him you queefed out an african elephant.

what the fuck..? maybe its a clever way of saying he has a large penis

Or maybe he's covering up for a small penis. Like if she hasn't had anything big she won't know what she's missing out on.

or maybe...there is no maybe. who the fuck asks Someone that on a first date?

Who asks that on any date?

If the issue of sexuality has already been presented, well… Either way, never on a first date.

You know, it could also be that he wasn't enjoying the date and thought acting like a douche bag was better than just summing the courage to be honest. 2c

#3 Or a not clever way.

I would've responded with "well, I doubt you'd make the list anyways..." And I would've left.

Time to cut and run.

Wait. What are we thinking about cutting here?

Apparently the labia minora and majora.... Possibly the taint too . Have to make this wine bottle fit ...

No need for cutting, Astroglide and a lot of work. Just think, a baby's head has to fit through there.

what cind of person asks that on the first date...

People that aren't 11 like you

Kind* not cind, that's not even a word.

"Night Cind." - Goofy, Scary Movie 1

Right? That's way too long. That information should be known before the first date.

what kind of a person doesn't know how to spell kind? I mean, I know you're only 14, but still, it's a pretty basic word. Maybe English isn't your first language. If it is, you really need to start paying a little attention in school. You are missing some important things.

It was probably just a typo. Relax

C is no where near k on the keyboard

Could have just hit the c by accident and didn't see it, I think he knows how to spell kind guys..

What CIND of person is smart enough to spell?

sorry english is not my first language... i thought that was how it was spelled

What kind of person asks that ever?!

oh gosh he didn't spell it right, wtf ppl why give him such a hard time, chill out ppl

Well, that escalated quickly.

No shit Sherlock!

"Probably not you."

You should've said "probably not your dick"

Surely not a douche like him