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Today, I went on a date with my new boyfriend. When the check came, he asked, "Do you accept food stamps?" When the waiter said no, he checked in his wallet and said, "Well all I have is five dollars." I ended up picking up the $20 tab. FML
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Oh shit, you payed for a tab, and an expensive one at that! This begs for a chivalry/equality debate, no?

I don't think ANY restaurant takes food stamps...if they did, the boys and I would be able to eat like kings more often!~


Oh shit, you payed for a tab, and an expensive one at that! This begs for a chivalry/equality debate, no?

Two dates in one - first and last. Then again, "new boyfriend" and "first date"? How does that work out?

$20 for two people to eat is not expensive. Chivalry and equality are not opposites. If he asked her out, it's reasonable for her to expect him to pay unless he said otherwise. It would be reversed if she asked him out. First date != bf. This is why you date someone a few times before you commit to a relationship.

Did you liked the BigMac?

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20 dollars? Aha. Sorry that you had to starve on your date and that you think $20 is expensive.

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Look, it doesn't say anyone starved, and it doesn't say that it was a first date. The one thing it says for sure is that this guy is fucking poor.

18, please learn to read, she said a date with her new bf, she didn't say first date!

#53, please learn to not make assumptions. It originally said first date but was later edited by a mod.

^LOL. That gets me everytime. Everytime. Plus this guy sounds awesome.

This one is fucking stupid 20$ is not a lot she can probably sell her self for mote money hoe

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Umm why was it edited?

1, Chivalry is by definition the behavior of horsemen. It was a system invented by the Celts to protect "innocents" from the horrors of war. Nothing less. Nothing more.

haha that's awsomw

18- I seriously doubt any guy would expect a girl to pay just because she asked him out. He might be more likely to expect to go Dutch though. And this is not so bad. It was only $20.

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oh no $20 where did u guys go dunkin donuts lmao. he's a broke ass dude on welfare drop him. and if u think pikn up a $20 tab is expensive you should also find a welfare line and participate. loser!

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he's not really your boyfriend if it was your first date

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I know right!

okay so you had to pay.. what's the big deal?

I think it's just the fact that they went on a first date and all he brought were food stamps and $5. had this been predetermined then I don't think it would have been a problem. However, it sounds like it was a surprise. and yeah I'd be pissed too.

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It didn't actually say it was a first date. It said he was a new boyfriend, but nothing about it being a "first." Maybe next time, he'll be more prepared. if not, that crap was planned. lol

It was edited by the mods. The FML originally said "first date"

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That's pretty retarded that the moderators omitted an important aspect of the story. I thought they only fixed the grammar. neato.

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the douche is you. guys shouldn't have to pay. want your own stuff? get your own job.

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you both don't seem to know the difference between a douche and two bitches

Oh shit. 64 is right.

two bitches don't make a douche.

more like poorness alert, food stamp? you're dating someone who's in poverty

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more like 58=win.

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The "food stamp" comment was most likely a joke. I work at a bar and had people joke and ask if I accept "Home Depot" credit cards. Unless, the OP's boyfriend is stupid and doesn't know that they don't already but he seems pretty smart to me. $20 doesn't seem like a lot for dinning out. Now you know to always carry cash on you.(:

Maybe, Q, but maybe not. I worked in a "family style" restaurant-- aka fried chicken and green beans, buffet-style-- and we had a lot of customers ask that question seriously. I learned quickly to not laugh at the question. = Of course, our customer base was also the type to complain about the "seriously bad lemons" on the salad bar. They were actually unpeeled kiwi fruit.

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Kiwi, really? That job sounds fun just to people watch. I don't know about wanting to work there.(:

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58 WIN! lol

Mensa level intelligence at it's finest.

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WIN. (Y) i'm female, and I COMPLETELY agree. it shouldn't ALWAYS be the guy.

who said the guy has to pay for tha bechs food??

lol get ez'd upon.

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wow. that is just pitiful. If he didn't have any money, say it before hand. asking a waiter if they take food stamps???? WTF? Was it a Dennys in Kentucky? you deserve better I hope. if not,...fyl

I know!!! I finally got snow this year! (Vancouver wa)

How do you know she deserves better? Maybe she is a total fucktard...

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Yep. Chivalry may be dead, but people should hopefully still have manners. If you invite someone to dinner, then you should either pick up the tab or explain to the person that you can't BEFOREHAND and ask if it's okay if they pay.

dude maybe his family doesn't have a lot of money :/

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is there going to be a second date? if so bring cash!

still together?? lol

jw, is ur face like super ugly because u look even more like a slut when u don't even show ur face

I like ur boobies :)

I like ur boobies :)

Sorry to ask, but what the heck is food stamps?? And OP, did you walk home signing : cheap, cheap the bird says! lol

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here in the states very low income families get government aid in order to buy food it Used to be in the form of coupons similar to a checkbook however now they give you a "credit card" that is refilled every month so I personally doubt the truthfulness of this fml anyway

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I honestly think the entire foodstamp thing is BS. Did you know you can take your card to an ATM and exchange it for cash? I literally watched a guy withdraw money from the ATM, and buy a carton of smokes with it. If they're going to be giving food to the hungry, at least make it more strict. I'm not sure the government planned to be paying for people's addictions too.

46. The food stamps also gives you around 50-60 dollars in which you can withdrawal and buy other essentials like shampoo, toothpaste etc.. and stop being such a conservative..

food stamps are for food, you can't get cash from them, but if you have cash assistance that goes on the same card, but is not fs, then you can take cash from it...but not from fs.

46 the food stamps also give you around 40-50$ that you can withdrawal to buy other essentials such as shampoo, toothpaste, towels etc .... Stop being such a conservative.

73......or for the peolpe who could care less about said essentials, a carton of smokes, a case of beer, or a $50 sack might be a planned purchase. The point is, an amount of government aid is given for "other" purchases which have no way of being tracked. And guess whose money that was to start with? Before you slam a conservative, maybe you should think about where that government aid comes from. I'll give you a isn't from Obama's personal bank account.

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73 they get more than that.

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I used to think government aid was great, till i found out about that extra money. This girl I know gets welfare with her boyfriend, and they both spend it on pot, cigs, and beer while her mom takes care of the kids because she doesn't wanna lose her grandkids. I know this isn't always the case, but it really makes you wonder if the government isn't strict enough. And I'm not even conservative. I just don't like druggies getting money that could go to our schools.

Danny, I agree that it's too easily abused; it definitely needs an overhaul. I know a girl who would drive her ex-NFL-player boyfriend's Escalade (when they were new and hip) to the grocery shore, with her brand-new fake tits smashed into designer clothes, to buy diapers and groceries with food stamps. Totally ridiculous. That said, I've also known people who genuinely needed it, and used as little as possible for only necessities. There are lots of ways to ensure the money is being spent on necessities without eliminating the entire system.

I thought 73 called me conservative because I said : cheap cheap the bird says! But anyways, if guys think she should not complaint about paying her half, for that reason he should have paid at least his half!

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no, there's a "cash" option on it, that is like a debit card. it's not the government paying for that.

you can get cash back on food stamps, actually. i work at a grocery store and we have ebt and ebt cash benefits, which you can take any mount up to 50$ out, and normally people have erounf 200$ in their account. but theyre also the ones who will buy cigarettes and liquor on a separate transaction. food stamps is bull and 90% of piece recieving it are full of bull too.

Actually the "cards" have money in side it. It has a Cash and food cash balance so you can go to an atm and wip out cash since this cash is given to pay for bills. Still some body shouldnt buy smokes with it.

My mom used to get food stamps because she was between jobs, and it actually is very helpful... if we didn't have it then we probably wouldn't have gotten food, and we didn't get any "extra money" or anything

to #9 they're somthing black people won't find if you hide them under their working bewts!