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By  Tony Friddle  |  11

dodged a bullet

By  Paul B. Gyurcsanszky  |  14

What an ass! Bet he didn’t look like Chris Evans either! Bet he was some neck beard trying to get a hottie to move him out of his mommy’s basement!

By  wHSKitty  |  11

I feel your pain, OP. Just think, though... it could be worse. He could’ve lied to you about getting something from his car, and stranded you at the restaurant.

By  Chazzster  |  21

OP - That’s pretty low class on the date’s part. But then I have to also wonder if you used current un-doctored pictures in your profile and if you did not much match your profile. While it’s shallow and tactless to act like date acted, false advertising is also a flaw. It might be tempting to post overly flattering and potentially dishonest information about yourself on a dating website or app in order to get more responses - That can lead to this scenario one way or another.

Obviously I have no idea if date was just a judgmental jerk or if you had misrepresented yourself - Or if it was some of both. I believe that in the long run honestly describing yourself is the best approach. If you are not happy with that then work on becoming the person you want to be describing. I think that ought to apply to both men and women.