By CEO / Saturday 10 May 2014 02:37 / United States - Bristow
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  Pauline96_fml  |  20

Maybe the position in the relationship that they prefer to take. For instance do that prefer to be in control or be controlled. Also does that preference apply only to sex or also outside of the bedroom. Some people are different during sex compared to everyday life

By  HULK_SMASH_  |  7

Man I'm sorry OP, you'd think he'd have a little more respect for you seeing that you are recently divorced. Drop him like it's hot, there are plenty of respectful and classy guys out there! Hope you find Mr. Right!

  HULK_SMASH_  |  7

Actually what I was implying was that the guy would be over the top respectful because she's recently divorced, not that it was in anyways ok for him I even remotely ask that, cuz it def wasn't.

  sjbartholome  |  14

Whos to say the guy knew about the divorce? It could have been a blind date? Did he randomly ask "Hey, have you ever been married before?" No he asked about the sex position. Disrespectful in any situation not just recently divorced

By  91hayek  |  31

I think you've been out of the game long enough that your douche radar is a bit off. Just re-calibrate and pick better guys, not that bottom of the barrel ass clown.

By  thestrangedude  |  10

I swear some guys think they are the star of a cheap 80's porno I mean come on show a little dating etiquette ask how their day was then move onto the nasty! ( sarcasm before you all get upset! )

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