By Anonymous - United States - Coeur D Alene
Today, I went on a date and ate in the park. When I crossed my legs under the table, I scraped my knee and got a lot of splinters in it. When I got back home and started digging out the splinters, my dad furiously demanded to know why I'd been on my knees during the date. FML
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  salvorican  |  24

Honestly, it's going to sound like a lie to the father no matter what the truth is. Especially getting splinters from crossing your legs. It sounds like a really crappy lie.


I'm not sure why #4 is getting thumbed down so bad. That's what I would do. If that doesn't work , what else is there? If she tells the truth and he doesn't believe her or the date, then there is nothing else you can do to convice OP's father.

  VanOBrien  |  14

@8, That would be because we've already been your age before. So you're not really trying to pull a new trick on us. You're just putting a new name on an old dog.

My oldest son did it; and now so are my nephews and nieces I'm helping to raise.

Kids lie and parents are overprotective. One day if you have your own, especially a daughter, and one who's popular, you'll soon understand why. But if your parents truly ARE overdoing it: might I recommend sitting down calmly to express yourself.


To be fair, the "getting a splinter from crossing your legs" thing sounds a lot less plausible than anything else. I'd just tell your dad the truth, OP. He doesn't have to believe it, but it's the truth. Parents are always going to worry and immediately assume worst-case scenario.

  Enslaved  |  36

What if the dad then thinks she's only preforming oral just to remain that said "virgin"?
I knew some girls that uses to do everything butt intercourse just to claim they still have their virginities.

By  sabine123_fml  |  5

Dad probably had mom or her knees when he was your age
Parents tend to prefer do as I say not as I did
My friends who are most protective of their little gird fucked everyone who said yes