By Maddi - / Wednesday 4 May 2016 02:55 / United States - Houston
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  maddisoleil  |  7

The "friend" was actually the guy's mentor for the business; my date had only considered it a sales pitch. When I politely told him how much I didn't appreciate it, he said "gotta do what you gotta do"

By  S_Gnu  |  17

Yeah, that happened to me once with a former coworker who I thought wanted to meet up for job search advice. I only humored her because she was an exceptional employee when we worked together (I was her manager for a while), but I couldn't believe that someone that sharp had gotten sucked into such unmitigated advantage-taking bullshit.

By  InfiniteSunshine  |  32

I probably would have said no to the date when I saw that the friend tagged along, and scheduled it for another time. From what I've seen, a friend accompanying on a date rarely turns out well. It's a date, a third person is unnecessary, and if you're just getting to know each other, dates can be awkward enough without a third person there. A third person just makes it more uncomfortable because it disrupts the balance, it's no longer 1 on 1. You're getting to know each other, that comes first, meeting friends can be scheduled for later, when it isn't a date.

  maddisoleil  |  7

It was because they had "somewhere to be right after," and I didn't mind because it made me less nervous; it was just a coffee date. But turns out he was just the pretty face and the "friend" was the boss. xD

By  bad_boyfriend  |  10

I know a guy this happened to. He thought he was having a good date, then she started giving him the bootleg amway speech. He stayed for the whole thing, I still have no idea why. The best part was he bought her coffee so he basically paid for the sales pitch.


Today, I spent the night with my boyfriend as he promised me that his parents and younger brother, who I have yet to meet, were out of town until Tuesday. We were awoken by his mother screaming, telling me that she doesn't want girls in the house corrupting her baby boy. He's 20. FML

By Living_Loving - / Sunday 7 March 2010 01:21 / Australia
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