By Maddi - United States - Houston
Today, I went on a coffee date with a man I met online. His "friend" had tagged along. We were having a good conversation, until the friend pulls out his laptop and says, "So let me tell you a little bit about our travel business," and talked about a pyramid scheme for an hour. FML
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  maddisoleil  |  7

The "friend" was actually the guy's mentor for the business; my date had only considered it a sales pitch. When I politely told him how much I didn't appreciate it, he said "gotta do what you gotta do"

By  S_Gnu  |  17

Yeah, that happened to me once with a former coworker who I thought wanted to meet up for job search advice. I only humored her because she was an exceptional employee when we worked together (I was her manager for a while), but I couldn't believe that someone that sharp had gotten sucked into such unmitigated advantage-taking bullshit.

By  InfiniteSunshine  |  32

I probably would have said no to the date when I saw that the friend tagged along, and scheduled it for another time. From what I've seen, a friend accompanying on a date rarely turns out well. It's a date, a third person is unnecessary, and if you're just getting to know each other, dates can be awkward enough without a third person there. A third person just makes it more uncomfortable because it disrupts the balance, it's no longer 1 on 1. You're getting to know each other, that comes first, meeting friends can be scheduled for later, when it isn't a date.

  maddisoleil  |  7

It was because they had "somewhere to be right after," and I didn't mind because it made me less nervous; it was just a coffee date. But turns out he was just the pretty face and the "friend" was the boss. xD

By  bad_boyfriend  |  10

I know a guy this happened to. He thought he was having a good date, then she started giving him the bootleg amway speech. He stayed for the whole thing, I still have no idea why. The best part was he bought her coffee so he basically paid for the sales pitch.