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Today, I went on a camping trip. I already had a bad back, and then the guy in charge took us on a hike. My shoes were too small, and now I'm hobbling around with a bad back and foot. Every time I limp, it hurts my back, but if I walk normally, it hurts my foot. FML
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Steffi3 40

If you you have all those, next time maybe stay home?


Steffi3 40

If you you have all those, next time maybe stay home?

Why go camping in the first place with a bad back?

People I don't think he knew he was gonna go hiking. He probably just thought they were gonna camp, but the person in charge made him go. Also since there's a person in charge, it must've been a tour guide or something because if you go camping with your friends there isn't really someone in charge

Lizza330 28

Maybe, but when I've gone camping in the past we slept on the floor in sleeping bags. Getting down on the floor, sleeping on the floor, and getting up off the floor don't sound to great for someone with a bad back. Although they might have stayed in a cabin or something.

That's why you tell the person in charge that you have a bad back and really can't go on a hike. If they don't listen then they're a piece of shit for making someone with a bad back go on a hike.

This is why God made cots. Coming from someone with a bad back. I can't help you with the hiking though. I guess maybe some proper fitting footwear, moleskin, and walking poles.

Except that if he was hiking and wanted a cot that would mean they would have to carry said cot which would add a bunch of weight to the pack making the hike harder

the hike was probably just a day hike, so the cot would be left at camp.

Unless this was a spontaneous hike, it seems like it would be a terrible idea to ever wear incorrectly sized shoes while hiking or doing any prolonged walking.

Why in the heck would you go out with shoes that don't fit? I understand dealing with a bad back while camping, but you should know your shoe size. Even if you bought new shoes for the trip, you would of tried them on.

Were you forced to go on a camping trip? Or did you volunteer? The answer would determine whether or not you deserve it.

Why would you bring shoes that are too small when you go camping?