By ElodieUNU - France
Today, I went on a blind date. The guy greeted me with a "What's up, bitch?", which I wrote off as him just being really laid-back. By dessert, he'd asked me if my boobs are real, then when we finished, asked how many more dates it'd take before I put out. So much for that. FML
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  Nordrag  |  26

What's with the '@$$' thing. I mean, it makes no difference other than looking retarded. I guess there are some things I'll just never understand.

  depocadoll  |  15

Maybe he just didn't like what he saw, and wanted to make you not want to see him anymore.
Might be a little harsh, but not everyone cares about what's on the inside as much as they want to like what's on the outside.
Sorry about that, OP.
Either way, I think you dodged a bullet, and your future hubby will be happy you did (;

  KBurns207  |  17

Really though. Besides even if he was "laid back", you don't act like that on a first date. Like Chris Rock said, "On a first date, you are the ambassador of you. You're not even allowed to act like yourself"

  lmngrl889  |  14

that's exactly what I was going to say. after the "what's up, bitch" bit I'd be out of there! what an idiot! FYL op and better luck next time!

  SevenZee  |  5

Me and my boyfriend talk to eachother like that all the time. We also did before we went out. It CAN be a sign of being laid back and typically if someone says that with a smile, I'll think they're nice and laid back. So far I have yet to have a case like OP. all of me have become my good friends

  Raesin  |  21

It's ok because the abuse is mutual, yay. Seriously?

On another note, my brother is in a similar relationship where they call each other all the names under the sun. He calls her a fat slag and she calls him a bald twat. After 14 years of marriage he's starting to think about divorce, mostly because she stole all his money and he's cheated on her.
Lesson of the day: people that treat other people like that are very rarely nice people.

  AninOnin  |  24

In case you didn't read the entire FML, it was because she "wrote it off" as him being super chill. Though I would never tolerate that greeting, whether or not he was just laid-back.

  radmuffin  |  12

I'm starting to notice a trend with your comments. Please do us all a favor and step away from the keyboard. Don't come back until you've learned to not be a douche.