By ElodieUNU - 12/07/2013 19:33 - France

Today, I went on a blind date. The guy greeted me with a "What's up, bitch?", which I wrote off as him just being really laid-back. By dessert, he'd asked me if my boobs are real, then when we finished, asked how many more dates it'd take before I put out. So much for that. FML
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I would have wrote HIM off after that "what's up bitch"! It's rude, not laid-back..

Oh, the guys that think they're so gangsta. FYL, OP.


Oh, the guys that think they're so gangsta. FYL, OP.

Yea and sadly it is so hard to find one that isn't a [email protected]$$ nowadays. FYL OP!

What's with the '@$$' thing. I mean, it makes no difference other than looking retarded. I guess there are some things I'll just never understand.

43 - In addition to that, the website is called Fuck My Life. Nobody is going to get their knickers in a twist if you don't censor "ass".

ouch! My knickers just bunched up!!!

60, I suggest you start unbunching then :-).

Yeah YDI for not walking away at his first comment

Maybe he just didn't like what he saw, and wanted to make you not want to see him anymore. Might be a little harsh, but not everyone cares about what's on the inside as much as they want to like what's on the outside. Sorry about that, OP. Either way, I think you dodged a bullet, and your future hubby will be happy you did (;

spot the feminist

I would have wrote HIM off after that "what's up bitch"! It's rude, not laid-back..

It sounds more like haggling with a prostitute than first date conversation. Are those real? And how much do I have to pay to have sex with you?

I know . I wish OP could explain how saying "what's up bitch ?" is just being 'laid-back' .

That's why I say YDI.

But maybe he said it in his "laid back" French accent. Who can resist that?

Maybe it was Tucker Max...

Really though. Besides even if he was "laid back", you don't act like that on a first date. Like Chris Rock said, "On a first date, you are the ambassador of you. You're not even allowed to act like yourself"

that's exactly what I was going to say. after the "what's up, bitch" bit I'd be out of there! what an idiot! FYL op and better luck next time!

"what's up bitch?" "I'm sorry you must be mistaking me for someone else " that's how long i would have let it last.

Me and my boyfriend talk to eachother like that all the time. We also did before we went out. It CAN be a sign of being laid back and typically if someone says that with a smile, I'll think they're nice and laid back. So far I have yet to have a case like OP. all of me have become my good friends

It's ok because the abuse is mutual, yay. Seriously? On another note, my brother is in a similar relationship where they call each other all the names under the sun. He calls her a fat slag and she calls him a bald twat. After 14 years of marriage he's starting to think about divorce, mostly because she stole all his money and he's cheated on her. Lesson of the day: people that treat other people like that are very rarely nice people.

Very true. The only "B" word you should ever call a woman is "beautiful." Bitches love being called beautiful.

I am not sure if he is the one for you...

Agreed, FML needs a "you're better off" option.

YBO? Hm, I like it.

Never allow a man to address you that way. Regardless of his personality, you should believe you deserve more. My response would have been to leave right then and there.

Lol after the greeting why would you even stick around? You like being treated like shit?

In case you didn't read the entire FML, it was because she "wrote it off" as him being super chill. Though I would never tolerate that greeting, whether or not he was just laid-back.

No, Chill Penguin is Chill. This guy was/is a douchewaffle.

thumbs up just for the term "douchewaffle"

She stuck around for the free dinner of course.

A lot of women like being treated like shit.(I think)

Ok on to the next one

Wow, how horrible!

Right?! Way to leave us hangin on if they're real or not! Geez...

op should be happy knowing that her jugs are big enough to where she could pass off as fake.

Wow that ua really rude, you can do better OP im sure.

Should have known after the "what's up bitch" comment! That's not a good way to start a date...

No shit he just wanna hit it and quit it. Maybe hit it hit it hit it and quit it.

I'm starting to notice a trend with your comments. Please do us all a favor and step away from the keyboard. Don't come back until you've learned to not be a douche.

yeah #10 misspelled his own name, it was supposed to be gayness