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Does your friend hate you?

That is when you stand up, slap him and walk out


Does your friend hate you?

It sounds like it

Wasn't that an ego buster? JK

well a billion guys left to go, dont lose hope yet op, ur knight in shining armor is probably stuck in a fucking tree or something XD

Wait... How did you know I was stuck in a tree? I mean I'm no knight and have no armor, but how did you know I was stuck in a tree?

Some people need to learn respect

What in the world do you mean!?!?!?! He is the epitome of classy!

Hey you. I saw your about you... It sucked

That is when you stand up, slap him and walk out

If a girl says to a guy, "nice butt" does that give him the right to slap her?

41 - No, it doesn't. Violence against anyone is never acceptable unless you're legitimately defending yourself against some sort of physical assault.

That's not what society says.


I think if he touched her butt then yeah she definitely has the right slap/hit him. You can't let people think they can just get away with that shit girl or guy.

He didn't touch her....

At least you got a compliment.

That's not a compliment, that was rude of the guy and very disrespectful.

At least you got [disrespected in public by a misogynistic jerk that your friend hand picked for you. Nothing in that FML was] a compliment. This is what you really meant.

No, that was definitely a compliment. It was given by an ill-mannered man and you might question OP's friend's intentions, but make no mistake, that man's words were a compliment. Don't get confused because it's loaded with unfavorable circumstance.

70 - it is NOT a compliment because if shows how disrespectful he is and how he is only interested in the OPs body. the fact that someone says something douch like strips it of being a compliment and makings it a distastful comment, a compliment is suppose to make you feel good not feel like a tramp.

I like your sense of humor, sorry some people seem to be a little too uptight!

79 - alot of people just assume its serious and want to argue

I think it is clearly your fault for having nice tits(joking guys sorry)

Yeah srsly if you don't want to be disrespected with rude comments don't have a nice body

Yeah just like if you didn't want to be downvoted, maybe you shouldn't have commented something so stupid :D

You should have walked out with your dignity without saying a word.

There's a compliment, and then there's that.

Well, you have nice tits. So you got that going for you, which is nice.

Even a nice boobs compliment is better then nothing. OP can at least have self confidence knowing her boobs can help her get a good guy.

I would take nothing over a superficial comment like that any day. I can almost guarantee that any guy that leads with that is probably a huge man whore incapable of having an adult relationship.

But 36, being a whore would mean that this guy isn't still a virgin, which seems doubtful based on his behavior to OP!

72 - but what about the woman whores he could hook up with?

Now you know not to trust your friends judgment.

XxXBadAshXxX 27

I think your friend has poor taste in men