By rejecteddd - 04/07/2011 20:07 - United States

Today, I went on a blind date. Right after I arrived there, he excused himself to go to the bathroom. He never came back. FML
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Haha_oh_wait 4

Maybe he got lost. Afterall he is blind.

all4pooh 4

It's called sarcasm..


comepoopwithme 0

nice attempt for 1st comment

2 got owned by 1 and 1 still had a way better comment

KingGeorgeGal 12

2: CoolStoryBro.

Haha_oh_wait 4

Maybe he got lost. Afterall he is blind.

iEatGuppies 0

what a fucking jerk. FYL OP...

WDLfootball 8

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all4pooh 4

It's called sarcasm..

that sounds like a story out of a movie(:

Hey! Don't blame him Op! The potty monster got him!

i'm sorry op.. I guess his first impression of you was DAMN YOU UGLY. this kinda reminds me of pepe le pew off of bugs bunny. except he's the cat running away from your smelly ass

Maybe he got attacked.....?? I mean you could go look or something.

garrettsgirl 0

ouch that hurts you pride a bit sorry OP :(

He probably just realized he forgot his wallet and went back home to get it. See Op, there's always a bright side!

codyjeffers97 0

it's okay. that just means your ugly..... don't take it personal

Maybe she was really rude, or fat, or ugly. Who knows? Way to judge! Maybe an important thing came up.

1-you sir, have just won the Internet!

tell me my boobs are nice

doing_it_ritee 5

hahaahahhahha! ... fyl op.

maybe he got lost. after all he is blind.

yummycupkake 0

ya silly goose, he didnt leave you! you were just unaware of the fact that he you guys were playing hide and seek.

adropofpeace 8

130 did not just say that. Right?

KingGeorgeGal 12

Maybe he had to take a major shit and by the time he got back you already left.. Unlikely but probable.

mayb he was james bond and had to leave so enemy agents ddnt kill you

Fatalally 4

1 - I was thinking the exact samething. Too bad you beat me to commenting it first. Lol

KingGeorgeGal 12

153: Yea, you were only 153 comments late, damn.

Fatalally 4

Yep, one second sooner and might have made it. Ah well...

Idonebeenhad 17


ahh, the old 412getthefreakout manuever. Good times, good times . . .

tsim_fml 0

maybe he got lost.... afterall he is blind!

bitchslapped22 14

He blind ejy he koar ahahahhahaha

169 - really?... copy the post your commenting on..

yohooooooo 5

and this is how hellen keller met her husband. a blind date(;

22^ really now? really?

Fatalally 4

157 - By the way, what I originally meant to say, was that after reading the FML, I immediately thought of the joke. But, when I opened the FML to view/make a comment, I saw that 1 had already said it...

KingGeorgeGal 12

198: I know, I do that too, I was just kidding.

Wow. What a jerk...

whybother8 0

ur a jerk!


KingGeorgeGal 12

112, you don't even know him or her, how bout you shut up?

blind dates can somewhatvbe a bit shady

*somewhat be I realized i had posted this at #15. i tried to reply to my own post via app, but i don't know what happened.

#4, no one gives a pink baboon about your mistake.

Omg lyek totauly his fawlt furh skrewinh up sau bad. Just kidding. It's okay 4, we all screw up sometimes.

SirObvious 1

he was on a blind date too...

fascinating, tell me more

Daaaammnnn you're stupid! What a coincidence....

KingGeorgeGal 12

7: You and Op's blind date would make a great couple seeing that you're both assholes(;

I'm joking peeps so please get over it ;)

KingGeorgeGal 12

I was too.(:

enonymous 8

I have faith he's still in the restroom. Probably ordered the seafood surprise... the surprise is that the cooks didn't wash their hands

KingGeorgeGal 12

After doing what with their hands(;? How about that 'sahne'

randiZ25 0

what is with people and not being straight forward anymore? it would hurt a persons feelings more if they were ditched like OP, then if the person was straight up.

badmandilon 19

You are hot! i prefer your six pack than a six pack of beers.

Ugly much? or is he just ahallow

please try and speak with language the rest of us can understand. sorry, that means no writing in retarded.

edit: shallow. is he just shallow

KingGeorgeGal 12

Just because one person is not attracted to her does not mean she is ugly. He's probably just shallow an have to high of standards. What really pisses me off is he obviously ditched her for her looks and didn't even give her a minute to see how her personality is. OP FYL for getting stood up by a shallow jerk.

KingGeorgeGal 12


Hmmmm. this sounds familiar....

Yeah it does. I've read this same exact one before!!

Garytt 0

george lopez

Personal experience, perhaps?