By i love stupid people
Today, I went on a 50 km bike ride with a friend. We stopped for a break halfway through, and locked our bikes up. When we returned, some guy had locked his bike to mine. We had to wait an hour for him to return. FML
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  baby4mommy  |  27

Because there was absolutely no thought process involved . . . either he was so self absorbed and focused on immediate gratification of his own desires he likely barely noticed what he was doing and how it inconvenient others or he was a jerk who saw and was well aware but didn't care. Maybe he thought there was safety in numbers and his ride was less likely to be a targeting a group of 3 than just his bike all alone by itself. I would have locked both your bikes to his and once he came back call your friend on the other bike and spend twenty minutes talking to each other about the douche weasel that made you guys wait an hour. Just pretend to be oblivious to him no matter what he does and says. Buy the way when the guy did come back did you talk to him? What did he have to say?