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Today, I went into work to waitress on a table of 40 guests. They were my only table for the day and the bill came to over 700 dollars. After they left the busser was cleaning the table and threw out the credit card receipt which had my tip on it. FML
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Oh wow, fyl and you should complain about that busser.

Are you kidding me? They were your only table and you weren't able to get there before the busser to collect your receipt? YDI


Oh wow, fyl and you should complain about that busser.

yeah I would be pissed! your tip was probably 70 dollers! or more! I had a table of 20 one night and there bill was 200 dollers and I got a 40 doller tip!!

win. I love you=D

Cheap restaurant.

That's cruel of the other guy, if it was on purpose. But why didn't u just get the money before he got there?

I agree u should have picked up the slip when u prebussed the table when they were leaving. If that was your only table where the hell were u? FYL but I have to say without all of the facts, u deserved it YDI.

Are you kidding me? They were your only table and you weren't able to get there before the busser to collect your receipt? YDI

The last time I checked... you can reprint a chit. The last time I checked... you have to add x% (18% minimum on parties of 12 or more at most restaurants) to all tabs with a large group. So, do the minimum, you're covered. Want to be a thief, charge a dollar extra. Doesn't really matter, you were moronic for not checking when they'd leave with that many people and knowing when they MIGHT be finished.

not all places automatically add it.... some do have a number, over 8 or 10 guests, but there are a lot of places that don't do that at all...

you can reprint a check, but you can't magically get another copy of the check that the customer wrote the tip on. and also, not all dining establishments add gratuity on to larger parties. also, adding anything besides what the customer wrote for the tip is completely illegal under all circumstances. the establishment could lose its license or be sued.

Agreed...I work at Texas Roadhouse and we don't add gratuity to any number of people. Plus, it's superrrrrrrrrrr illegal to just put a random tip on there. You'd have to call whoever's name was on the card and ask, I guess. Or dig through the garbage lol.

Last time I checked it's ILLEGAL to collect a tip without a SIGNED credit card slip with or without gratuity. And gratuity isn't mandatory! Some restaurants don't even allow it. Don't pretend to know what you're talking about when u obviously don't. Assclown. And for those of you saying it's the bussers fault and he should repay u, it's not his fault u didn't pick the slip up earlier. For all we know there were a pile of dishes covering it and if the table was properly pre-bussed it would have been more noticeable. A 700 dollar bill was all on one check, there's no excuse for u not to be on top of that.

When I worked for Texas Roadhouse we added grats to parties of 6 or more. And how is that one guy in med school working two jobs? That's hard to believe. Lol at people looking down on waiting jobs. Do u realize based on our tips and hours worked, some of us make anywhere between 15-40 dollars an hour? Many famous actors, politicians, doctors, lawyers, artists, engineers, nurses all put themselves through college by waiting tables. And to anyone who thinks it's easy I challenge u to go to ur local steakhouse and see how long u last without dropping from exhaustion or getting fired for inferior service.

i would dumpster dive for that ticket!

Don't worry, rich people don't leave tips anyway Better luck next time

Yea, most rich people I know leave decent tips. At least 20%.

I don't think they're very rich if they had a party of 40 and the bill was only 700. I went to lunch one time with a party of 6 and the bill was over 1,000 bucks

don't you NEED the receipt anyways to process the transaction? and why would the busser throw that out? doesn't he get part of ur tip? he's an idiot! make him dig it out of the trash!

For real, if they were your only table, you should've easily beaten the busser after they left. Or at least caught him midway through it and got it then...

He's either dumpster diving or job searching.

what kind of dumbass busser throws out a receipt with a signature on it anyway?