By mannnnn
Today, I went into work to change a shift I was unable to work. I phone the first person on the employee sheet and they promptly answer by saying "You still work here? I thought the manager fired you..." I was fired last week and have been showing up for shifts without anybody noticing. FML
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  wolfy_fml  |  5

@#39: Unless they have a system like I have had at two of my jobs... where you write in your start and end time on a sheet of paper by your name and the people/person that does payroll only sees the paper on the day they make out the cheques.

By  Timrlf  |  0

Sorry I have to call BS. Employers are required by state law to inform you of termination in person. They are also required to issue your final pay check.

Not to mention that it's hard to believe you where working shifts when you probably werent even put on the schedule. And doesn't the work have a Time Clock?

  Butterbuns  |  1

It happened to me. I was left off the schedule, never told i was actually fired, talked to another of the managers who said I wasn't, got told by MY manager that he'd just "forgotten" about me, and then a YEAR after I got let go, he made a comment about how he'd fired me last summer. And the best part is, he apparently fired me when I was out of work for a week due to a medical reason for which I'd brought in a doctors note. Heh.

Funny, that I was never fired. I quit, according to my record of employment. Way to go, douchebag.

  linyah  |  11

i have had this happen sorta to me. I use to work for lane bryant and they stopped putting me on the schedule. i kept asking when can i get work and my vile boss said, "oh we want the people who can get credits and sales to work but i will see what i can do." Find out a month of not being on and they let me go and never told me. Had to find out through another coworker that i no longer worked with lane bryant. So ya, it is very possible to have them just never tell you. Now i would find it odd that they never checked the time clock or anything.

  iamme_fml  |  0

Because some employers just suck..

When I worked at Wendys, they often wrote people off the schedule instead of firing them, saying you quit, so that you wouldn't get unemployment. If they didn't have a real reason to fire you, that was the easiest way.

  sickinlove13  |  0

Where I currently work, during fall semester, they fired 2 girls by not writing them on the schedule. I was working with 1 of those girls the day the new schedule was put up and then the other 1 came in to get food. They both asked me about it. I knew they were being fired and I'm a manager [not the one that does the hiring/firing, though], but I didn't know why they were being fired. I just told them to call our head manager since I didn't have the information they wanted.

By  24788  |  6

Work sucks... Just put up and shut up unless you are a very high in demand associate. I have to do the same thing you do though. I'm just a fucking peon in a huge business.