By work hard - Canada - Petawawa
Today, I went into work, thinking it was my last day before I start my new job, as my 2-week notice said to the managers that I can't work after today. None of them believed that I was actually capable of getting a better job and thought my 2-week notice was a joke. FML
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By  charliewhippet  |  9

You said you were "thinking" it was your last day there, which makes me worry that you're going to let them bully you into staying... Forget that. You gave the notice, they chose to ignore it. Their problem. Enjoy your new job and don't look back!

By  ZoroMiHawk  |  25

Who cares what they think. Just do your job and go out with your head held high at the end of the day. Whatever you do, make sure not to burn any bridges. Never burn bridges with your past employers.

By  thisisthestupid  |  18

This happened to me actually 2 days ago and they were completely shocked. Sorry they were breaking the law and I wasn't going down with them
Good luck! And congrats on the new job!

By  Reasonable_one  |  12

Why is this an FML? That they didn't believe you is not your problem. You still have the new job, right? You gave your notice so you owe them nothing more. There is no reason for this to be an FML for you. It may be for your old managers.