By Noname - 28/01/2009 15:50 - United States

Today, I went into my office and told my boss that I hated my job and was quitting on the spot. I tried to leave quickly but I slipped and fell on the marble floor right in front of everybody during my exit. FML
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dude, marble floor? why quit? quit your job in this economy? Deserved it. We all hate our jobs.


blinkingstarlet 15

lmfao #3 i agree w/ #1. suuuuuueeeeeeee! unless u worked for a lawyer.... thennn double fml lol. quit your job in this economy? Deserved it. We all hate our jobs.

hehe at least you left in style

Sue for money maybe?

shaubygal 11

yesssssssss do it sue their asses off

dude, marble floor? why quit?

pingpongpickle 8

hahahahah. that's embarrassing.

SouthSideGummi 0


that sucks dude, I agree with everyone above me tho; sue their ass

Are you that dude from YouTube that on his way out of McDonald's he tried to hit the windown with a chair, but then failed and fell?

Are freakin moronic... U deserved to fall flat on your behind... Good luck finding a new job in these bad times

akeller3298 1

how is it the OP's fault ? he didn't like his job , why stay with a job you don't like ? obviously the OP's thought about the failing economy before quitting . not everyones a dumbass .