By Harry - United States
  Today, I went hiking with my friend. We both had to pee really bad. We went to the edge of a cliff to "relieve ourselves". He peed and it came and hit me in the face, he did it on purpose. So, I decided to get him back and peed at him. The wind changed direction and hit me in the face again. FML
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soon as i read "me and my friend went hiking" i thought of brokeback mountain and the rest of the FML just strengthened my theory that the OP and his friend are gay lovers

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There seems to be something wrong with your comment, you said "greatest movies of all time", yet you didn't mention A clockwork orange, BATTLE ROYALE, princess mononoke, punch drunk love or any of the other greastes films of all time.


Wtf dedcircuit, they were just joking, take a chill pill ffs.


What the hell. What kind of people piss on each other?
I love that this fml ends with, " So, I decided to get him back and peed at him. The wind changed direction and hit me in the face again."
Yeaaaaaaaah... That's the FML. given the choice I'd rather have my own piss in my face than someone elses. Heres a few FML's you had going for you:

"Today, I realized I'm an infant. FML."
"Today, I realized me and my friends try to piss on each other, FML."
"Today, I realized I'm a gross weirdo, FML."

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I wouldn't blame nature for "shifting the wind direction", winds don't shift like that and from the situation it sounds like he was standing downwind of his friend, therefore his friend's piss hit him in the face. He then peed up back at his friend, upwind, and the wind brought it to his face. That makes this a definite YDI for not paying attention to which direction the wind was blowing in the first place, if its blowing from him to you at the beginning and him to you at the end it doesn't "shift".