By Cameron - 29/10/2017 06:00

Today, I went for dinner and bowling with a woman I met online. The Mexican food was great but my bowels started feeling it during our first game. I slipped on the bowling lane and the impact of my ass hitting the ground made me shit myself. FML
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Love at first wipe.

Going to the intersection of Stool Avenue and Diarrhea Lane?


Love at first wipe.

Going to the intersection of Stool Avenue and Diarrhea Lane?

That's a really shifty situation. Guess there won't be a number 2 but hey shit happens.

I feel really bad for because i am pretty sure i would have similar luck on a date like that.

You will forever be in her stories of the guy she once went out with that shit his pants.

Dude. Mexican. First date. Really?

Mexican for every date is how you win a girl's heart.

You didn’t have a spare pair of underwear? That’s one strike against you.

I guess the bowling turned into boweling!

Jenn is just one who said that she doesn't want to explain that he was like I thought you said he would I will take this because we can't get applebees vehicles are still at least you don't find out who said that she didn't really need me for filing civil complaint about his wife has no place that we know about them new to me and my wife was on our house so I don't see what he has a little more than any chance to get up and go with this guy has never heard of the way you could not believe the way I was thinking you anyone

What in the world are you on about, Jessica?

I think there's a secret message hidden in there