By CreepyPaperDoll - United States
Today, I went for coffee with some people from work. I lined up to order behind a guy I'd only met a few times. When he paid, he dropped his wallet, and I saw that he had a picture of me cut from the company newsletter, enlarged, and taped inside his wallet. FML
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  fireandice27  |  0

I'm sure he has already. Unfortunately, a family picture of such photoshopped complexity requires more space than a wallet to do it justice. It's probably hanging on his living room wall.

  Peroxide  |  3

Yes my future wife and I have 2 kids. We go on all sorts of holidays together. The strange thing is she's wearing the same clothes in all of the photos and has the exact same expression on her face. We're one big happy family. I'll tell her about it some day...