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Today, I went for a walk. When it started pouring, I ran under the nearest tree for protection. It didn't occur to me that it might look suspicious hiding under a stranger's tree in a black hoodie, until the cops showed up. FML
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  AndOtherDrugs  |  5

Lighting could strike even when it's not raining. That doesn't mean always avoid trees and other tall things. Standing under a tree when it's just raining may be only a little more risky than standing under a tree any other time.

  eMurpH  |  9

I guess you guys can't sense the sarcasm in #25.. Why would they post the original comment if they really thought lightening wouldn't strike if its just pouring...

  RedPillSucks  |  31

Seriously? People get shot/arrested all the time when not doing anything wrong.
He's lucky he wasn't in Florida in a neighborhood with some overzealous neighborhood watch person with a gun.

  suboy  |  10

Since they were running im guessing they were wearing a sweat suit which are usually thin and very absorbent. What good would it do when its pouring down rain.

  Anai08  |  17

#10-That's a dangerous assumption dude. You shouldn't assume anything about a person or their intentions based on something their wearing. You don't live in the US so you probably wouldn't have hear about it, but google the name "Trayvon Martin" in your free time. The guy was just walking home after buying snacks, but because he was wearing a hoodie and looking "dodgy", some trigger happy man took him for a miscreant and started a scuffle that would ultimately cost Trayvon his life.
Moral of the story: just because someone is wearing a particular outfit you may personally view as suspicious (and maybe that person also looks to fit in a racial stereotype), doesn't mean their up to no good. I understand the people who called the police on OP their thought process, but OP doesn't/didn't deserve any harassment from police after the misunderstanding was cleared up.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

The fact is he was doing nothing wrong. How the hell is walking home in the dark being a bully?
I suppose you support the Columbine shootings because the kids were just getting back at school bullies?

  xxlizsandraxx  |  7

as to the fact that only two people know what went on that night, you shouldnt be quick to judge either one. The media made it seem like a racist act but if you heard the actual tape of the 911 call, the operator asked what race the suspect was before Zimmerman implied he was black. black hoodies are associated woth crime, so naturally people will think that person is up to no good. maybe change your hoodie color op.

  jannatanelle  |  5

#59 I'm sure you heard the police tape the little kid and his bag of skittles were being harassed for walking through a white neighborhood he was not beating up an armed 40 yr old 250 lb guy the guy just shot him for walking doesn't matter if he was a bully or a saint he was judged by his clothing and skin color. as it seems op was judged here as being a criminal. This guy must live in the sticks if I called the cops over everyone that stood in my front yard they might as well never leave.